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Laser Glamour Rope

Laser Glamour Rope (glittered or sequined roping) is a new product we're proud to offer. Laser Glamour Rope comes packages of 25' lengths and two different widths. The Glamour rope is wired and can be shaped.

Laser Glamour Rope has a surface which is crusted with large sequins or glitter where as Glitter Glamour Rope has a smoother glittery surface. Both roping is made of a plastic material and is wired. Laser Glamour Rope can be used in long lengths for larger projects or decorating Christmas trees and garlands, or can be cut in shorter pieces with wire cutters from smaller projects.

One easy way of shaping Glamour Rope is to wrap a piece around a broom handle or something similar and just slip it off for perfect curls and swirls.

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