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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!

Hot Air Balloon 36056 Old World Christmas Ornament Assorted

SKU 36056-hot-air-balloon-asst-no-choice

Hot Air Balloon Christmas Ornament - Assorted

Priced individually, all are similar. Ornament available will be shipped.


Measures approximately 5"

Old World Christmas

Includes gift box (may be plain white)

Hot Air Balloon ornaments have bright colors and styles. These are large ornaments with stripes, zig zags and even stars and stripes for a patriotic look.

Flying in a hot air balloon is one of the best ways to enjoy being airborne. Operating on the basis that warm air rises in cooler air, balloons move with the winds in a very peaceful and tranquil way. They seem to drift effortlessly above the countryside, making a balloon ride a wondrous experience.

This traditional and beautiful glass ornament was carefully mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot solution of liquid silver was poured inside. Finally, it was delicately hand-painted and glittered for you to enjoy and cherish as a holiday heirloom!