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$129+ FREE SHIPPING U.S. Orders Only

Ostrich Head in The Sand 16098 Old World Christmas Ornament

SKU 16097-ostrich-head-in-sand

Ostrich Head in The Sand Christmas Ornament

16097 Old World Christmas

This ornament is retired.

Size: 4.25"

Mouth mouth, hand painted glass ornament

Free gift box included. (may be plain box)

Hang Tag: The saying of "hiding one's head in the sand" is associated with the ostrich, who is incorrectly believed to hide its head in a hole in the ground when it senses danger. This reminds us to focus on things are as they are and not to hope situations will improve without taking positive action.

Each figural glass ornament produced for The Merck Family's Old World Christmas is handcrafted in age-old tradition using the same techniques that originated in the 1800s. Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds available only to the Merck Family's Old World Christmas, before a hot solution of liquid silver is poured inside. The ornaments are then hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations.