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Wrapping it Up!


Your Dress Up Trunk isn't complete without a lot of accessories:

Feather Boas, Scarves, Hats, Crowns and Tiaras, Clips and Bows, Ribbons

Shoes: Inexpensive clear and colored soft plastic shoes can be found at discount or dollar stores or old high heels from your own closet. Ballet shoes work great for all the princess dresses. Boots, moccasins, etc.

Purses: Small shiny evening bags, anything sequined

Jewelry: Old costume jewelry works better than cheap play stuff. Watch for sale bin merchandise.

Leotards: Leotards provide the perfect base for many costumes. Skirts can be made easily by gathering fabric onto a waist band with long ties or elastic. But with the ties, you can get more room for growth and they are actually easier to make. Gathered skirts on bands with long ties also double for capes. Also they can put on the leotard and then change into many different costumes.....without much help!


dress up santa


Dance Costume Leotard with Purchased Santa Hat


Junior Dresses: Sale dresses - prom and party dresses made out of stretchy fabric can work as long slinky evening gowns. Just use safety pins, pony tail holders, barrettes etc to tighten up straps. Strapless dresses can be held up with ribbon ties that can easily be pinned on or tacked with needle and thread.

Purchased Costumes: We've added to the Dress Up Trunk since the initial gift with purchased costumes - this Shark suit was a one of a kind find at a discount store for just a dollar or two. Old Halloween costumes make great additions.


shark suit


Yes.....our Grandson.....the Comedian

Having plenty of mirrors is a must. I added one to this trunk lid after the paint job. A full length miror for viewing is nice.....or they'll be standing on the bed to see the full effect!


dress up trunk


Tulle is easy to work with.....you don't have to do any hemming! The Fairy suit was made from rainbow colors of Tulle.

fairy dress up outfit


fairy dress up


fairy costume


cheerleader dress up


I hope you find some ideas here to use as your put together your dress up trunk. It was all fun for me even and though it was work, I enjoyed it. The greatest enjoyment has been watching Maggie hunt through her trunk for just the right item to put on to make herself into a cowgirl, doctor, or princess of the day!