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Trunk or Container

dress up trunk


First thing you will need is a trunk itself. This can be a very nice small cedar chest or keepsake chest that you can purchase for a few hundred dollars or a nice wooden toy box for around $100-$150. A white one or solid wood color works well.This is a great time to recycle an old toy box.

I was lucky to find a small wood and leather trunk at a salvage type business for less than $20. However, it was a terrible oxblood color inside and out. The first thing I did was paint the trunk inside and out with a basecoat of white then go back over it with a pink color. By the time I finished the painting, I called it “Pepto Bismol” pink!

Finishing touches on the painting included using a glitter paint inside the lid and sponge painting a string of stars inside the lid. I also found a small oval mirror at a craft store that I glued inside the lid. And I added a date and signature on the bottom of the trunk.

Pop-up hampers work well as a containers for your dress up items too. I found a pink one in a baby section of a department store that had great zippered attachments that were perfect for small accessory items. Large wicker baskets with lids or sturdy cardboard boxes also will work. If using a trunk or wooden box, be sure to get with with a safety latch in the lid.


dress up trunk mirror