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Little Mermaid


little mermaid


Little Mermaid Dress: This is one of Maggie’s favorites. This was made from a costume pattern but was easy to make. I altered the top to make it easier and found that after I had finished the outfit, Little Mermaid’s top is PURPLE…..I made this one gold…..sheesh…..I didn’t know!

So, pull up a pic of the character dress you are making BEFORE you start the outfit))) Also I thought the skirt was way too long and knew it would drag the floor. The waist band was elastic and could be rolled up but I was quickly told it wasn’t too long….”that you’re not supposed to see Little Mermaid’s feet!!” So, it worked))) Found a wand and matching headpiece at a discount store for a couple of dollars. Also the necklace was from a sale bin and had a clam shell or something nautical on it.


little mermaid costume


Think this was the point where I got the message that Little Mermaid's top was supposed to be purple......how sad...