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The Hungry Squirrel

The Hungry Squirrel Christmas ornament from Old World Christmas was purchased this week by a very nice customer named Linda. She seemed very excited that she had been able to find this ornament. It's a new ornament that just came out last year by Old World. The Hungry Squirrel is gray, and holding an acorn. The first version of the squirrel ornament is more of a reddish brown. Known for its playfulness and bushy tail, the squirrel is found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Its tail can be used for balance, as a form of a parachute when falling from a high tree, or as a blanket in cold weather.

hungry squirrel christmas ornament old world christmas

Linda sent me a couple of photos of the reason she had wanted the Hungry Squirrel.

These pics are just adorable!! He looks like he could have been the model for the ornament!

squirrel with peanut

Thanks to Linda for sharing these cute photos! Our customers are the best! This is what makes an online business so much fun! When someone takes time out of their busy day to share just a moment of their life, you haven't just made a sale for the have a new friend. I should have asked if this cute little fellow has a name! Will find out and get back to you)))
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