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  • Fall Grapevine Wreath Tutorial
    June 18, 2022 Jeannie Pence

    Fall Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

      It was time to change out my summer wreaths! Well past time actually. One of the easiest ways to get a "new" wreath on your door is to just keep the wreath, and change out the decoration. This method...

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  • Fall Wreath Inspiration
    September 10, 2021 Jeannie Pence

    Fall Wreath Inspiration

    Ready for some fall inspiration? Me too! I'm actually sitting on my back porch right now, resting up from a few days of vacation. I came home to such beautiful weather (especially for Mississippi) that's it hard to go inside...

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  • Fall Flower Wreath Collab with Julie's Wreath Boutique
    July 21, 2021 Jeannie Pence

    Fall Flower Wreath Collab with Julie's Wreath Boutique

    Stunning fall flower wreath created by Julie Oxendine, Julie's Wreath Boutique. Watch the video tutorial below. Julie is an excellent wreath maker and teacher. Her tutorials are easy to follow, she is soft spoken and simply a pleasure to listen...

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