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free printable patriotic fan in god we trust red white and blue

Patriotic Fan - Free Printable

free printable patriotic fan in god we trust red white and blue Great free printable from Guildcraft Arts and Crafts. Just print on some card stock and attach to a wide craft stick, or tongue blade for you nurses out there)) Just click on the photo to go to the printable page. You can print them colored, or as coloring pages, great summertime activity for the kids. Basic white card stock can be purchased at Walmart in packs of 150 sheets. It is indispensable if you have children or grandkids. I should start a list of 101 Uses of Card Stock! I'm printing mine as pages to color. It's amazing how creative kids can be when they get a box of colors, markers, glitter pens......or paints. My grandchildren painted these for their grandparents and three great grandparents)) We keep a craft box filled with items just for projects like this.....and glue sticks....don't forget glue sticks. Glue sticks are the best invention since sliced bread! The glue we used as kids was in a glass bottle with a rubber top that you had to press down on your paper with and a little opening would let the glue come out when it was pressed......when it wasn't stopped up. You could print two, put the stick in the middle with glue and have a two sided fan. Great project for kids. Great fan to use sitting around on the back porch, at least in Mississippi! These fans were the sort we used to have in the summertime when I was growing up in the 1950's. You never had to buy them, they were given away by merchants, candidates and so forth. They were a must when you were sitting in church to keep the air moving. This was way before the time of having air conditioners in churches in our community anyway. You were lucky if the church had a ceiling fan, most did not. Fans were used to keep you cool, fan sleeping babies, fan to keep the flies off the food and pretty good for giving your brother a whack every now and then)) If you want to reminisce and see more fans, just do a search on eBay. The photo on the right came from there.....and I swear I can remember this one! And what about cooling off with the King of Rock and Roll! Elvis know his birthplace is only about 30 mi from Trendy Tree/Pence Christmas Tree Farm. In this photo of Elvis, you can't really see it here in the thumbnail, but on the sleeve of his uniform it has a patch that says "Hell on Wheels." Think that was a part of his official uniform? I wonder.....
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