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How to Paint Dried Hydrangeas

How to Paint Dried Hydrangeas

Painting dried Hydrangeas is easy peasy!

All you have to do is start collecting beautiful blooms and put them in a safe place to dry.

Mine were stored on a shelf in the garage. Actually, sometimes the fresh bloom dried in a vase of water! 

It's amazing how well the Hydrangea blooms hold up during the drying.

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Shake Gently

Shake the stems gently and remove any leaves. I left my stems long because some were to be used on the mantel and some in vases. Last year I sprayed hydrangeas copper for fall, then sprayed them candy apple red for my Christmas tree. 

Choose Paint

Choose paint colors that you like. Some of my blooms dried in a nice shade of lime green. My bushes are the Lime Light Hydrangeas. The blooms that looked nice just as they were, I left alone and used them in their natural state.

Some of my paint was Krylon and some RustOleum. I just chose paints based on the color. One was even a metallic gold, but when the Hydrangea was sprayed, it came light a subtle sage green - which was perfect for my theme.

Find a safe place to use spray paint and go at it! Remember to really shake the can well and use short puffs of paint, not too heavy. 

Depending on the look you're going for, you can lightly spray and leave them be. If you want a more solidly painted look, lightly spray them with a couple of coats letting each coat dry thoroughly in between coats.


The base for my mantel display was a long narrow dough bowl. I placed a re-purposed bittersweet garland in the dough bowl and positioned three small white pumpkins - one in the middle and one on each end.

The bittersweet garland has long been sold out, but we still have some bittersweet sprays that would work the same. 


Just lay the blooms around on the tray until you get the look you like. Tuck stems out of the way.

Tiny Lights

I used a strand of tiny lights that plug into an outlet on my mantel. But you could use battery powered ones.

Hydrangeas in Vases

Painting dried hydrangeas has been fun! This is my second season to try this and next year I'm going to start saving even more blooms.

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