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Gone Fishing Father's Day Floral Tutorial

Gone Fishing Father's Day Floral Tutorial

father's day floral arrangement, gone fishing Father's Day is just around the corner so today I made this Gone Fishing floral arrangement. The Father's Day floral would be perfect for a desk, bookcase or even his bathroom. It was very simple to do and only contained a few grasses and a bobber ornament. The photo was taken on the Duke Cannon display at City Mercantile (our downtown store).


3827027 RAZ Metal Fish Vase XY8036 3" Gone Fishing Bobber Ornament 13342DKGN Dark Green Twig Bush 24085 Green Grass Bush 13269GN Bead Grass Bush 71142 Yellow Cream Heather Bush

Other items:

Styrofoam Wire Cutters Wood wool, raffia, or Spanish Moss

RAZ Metal Fish Vase

We filled the distressed metal fish vase with Styrofoam for the Father's Day floral. The vase measured about 9" x 6.5" x 5" We didn't use any hot glue for this project since typically when I make something for a tutorial, or something for the house I dismantle it later and use items again and again. fish container from raz If you wanted to make this a permanent arrangement, you could dip the stems in hot glue before inserting the into the Styrofoam.


Each of the grass bushes had several limbs and we didn't use all of the bushes. The tallest, heaviest bush was used first, the 24085 bush. I used two pieces from this bush, so half of it was leftover. The smaller grasses were used to fill in and the dark green curly twigs pieces were also added. The yellow stems from the heather bush were used and the cream pieces reserved for another project. I used some faux grass to cover up the Styrofoam. The faux grass was just something I had leftover from another project but you could use Spanish moss or something like that.

Gone Fishing Bobber Ornament

The plastic bobber ornament was sort of a focal point of the Father's Day floral. My first intention was to secure the ornament on a wood pick and insert it into the Styrofoam. But, the ornament is made of plastic, not Styrofoam, and didn't lend itself well to puncturing a hole safely. So, I removed the silver thread from the ornament and just tied it to a couple of the tall stems with a piece of the faux grass. gone fishing bobber

Wrap Up

The Father's Day Gone Fishing floral was a fairly quick and easy project and I had enough grass left over to create something else later. The hubby liked it! Of course, he likes anything associated with fishing.))) The images were taken at the City Mercantile store in downtown Pontotoc.

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If you followed us on Facebook on the City Mercantile page, come on over to the Trendy Tree & City Mercantile page! We'll be giving you more updates on the changes coming up real soon. We hope you enjoyed the Father's Day Gone Fishing tutorial and if you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note. We love hearing from our viewers. And if you would like to see more tutorials, check out the list below. Ideas for Decorating an Old Fashioned Truck Container How to Fix a Warped Grapevine Wreath
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