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DIY Valentine Wreath Kit Tutorial

DIY Valentine Wreath Kit Tutorial


DIY Valentine Wreath Kit SORRY KIT IS SOLD OUT

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Individual Supplies:

2/6/15 Update - Wreath kit is sold out, but you can still purchase the supplies and substitute another 4" ribbon.

MD005202 - 10" Box Wire Wreath Form (these are sold in sets of 10 forms)

RS200986 - 4" x 25" yd Deco Poly Mesh Red/Pink Check - SOLD OUT, NO MORE COMING IN

Q519640-21 - 2.5" x 10 yd Black Chalkboard Ribbon

HV6095 - 1.5" x 50 yd Sheer Valentine Ribbon

HV908924 - Red Tinsel Hearts

This wreath was created using the "pull through" technique. To start, just grasp the 4" mesh about 3-5 inches from the end. Wrap that end around the wreath form weaving in and out the metal rings.


Make your first loop by pulling up about 3" of mesh through the first wreath space, hold that loop with your hand, and twist the mesh from the underneath side, pull up another 3" loop in the next wreath space. Hold the loops to keep them even and just keep twisting from the bottom and bring up 3" loops alternating between the first and second space in the wreath form. MD005202-box-wire-wreath-form

As you get more and more loops created, the spaces will fill up and the mesh will hold okay. Try to keep your loops even and adjust a bit here and there if needed before you get too many loops created. The number of loops needed to fill up a space will vary depending on the type product used, but for this 4" mesh, we put about 8-10 loops into each wreath segment (wreath segments that are divided by the posts). This wreath has 4 segments.

When you have completed working around the wreath, take your finished end and wrap/weave it through the wreath ring, and you can also attach the raw ends with a zip tie to the wreath form.

Q519640-21-chalkboard-2.5-inchEmbellish your finished wreath with a bow or other Valentine goodies))) We used a 2.5" Chalkboard ribbon and wrote on it with a liquid chalk writer. This gave a neater look than just using chalk and it will still wash off.

We just made a simple loop bow, and added in some of the sheer Valentine ribbon to it. Also added the hanging tinsel heart. The bow was attached to the wire wreath frame.HV908924-red-solid-hanging-hearts

hv6095-white-sheer-flocked-red-heartsThis is a very simple wreath that you could make while watching TV or in the family room since it doesn't require any tools other than some scissors and zip ties or chenille stems to secure the raw ends. You could make it with many different styles of ribbon or different size wreath. Just keep in mind the larger wreath forms would require more material etc.


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