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Decorating for Halloween - Lighting Project

Halloween is such a great time for decorating with autumn colors and abundance of natural items that can be gathered practically in your own backyard. We'll be doing a series of Halloween decorating tips and today we'll start with a very unique way to light up your party!

Straw Wreath Light

wreath light made out of straw Supplies Needed: 1 wire wreath form 18-24" Paddle wire Wire Cutters Straw Clear miniature Christmas lights Rope Extension cord The wreath form can be purchased at any craft or discount store. It doesn't have to be metal, they are also available in Styrofoam and straw actually. Metal was what I had handy. I use them for fresh Magnolia leaf wreaths, recycle and use again once the leaves have dried beyond use. Paddle wire is green florist wire and comes on a flat like roll that you can wrap around the strengh and hold in your hand for extra strength. Depending on the size of your wreath, a string of 50-100 lights will be plenty. The roping is used to tie around the wreath to suspend it. Inexpensive sea-grass rope can be used. A small bale of straw can be purchased at a craft store for less than $10 usually. Hay could be used also, but straw has a better color. Lay the wreath form on a flat surface. Attach the end of the paddle wire to the frame. Start with a bundle or handful of straw and lay on top of the frame. Start wrapping the wire around the bundle. You may want to use a couple of loops around. Wrap tight enough to hold the straw in place, but expect some to fall out. Lay another handful to either side of the first one and continue to wrap, also lay a couple of handfuls from the back side. Remember the light will be hung so you want the bottom side to look good too. Always position your next handful of straw about an inch away from the last covering up your last wire loop. Repeat until the form is completely covered. When you have completed covering the form with straw, clip the wire with wire cutters and twist ends together on the back of the form. Wind your stand of miniature Christmas light (white cord will look better) evenly around the wreath. Cut three to four pieces of rope the same length and tie one end around the wreath at evenly spaced intervals. Then take the loose ends and tie together. You want the light to hang in a wagon wheel light fashion. Plug in the extension cord to the lights and wind up around one of the ropes. You made need two extension cords depending on where you hang your light. Do not leave these lights overnight, or unattended.

straw wreath light

We used two of these light in an old barn we clean up every year for our Halloween party and believe it or not, they've actually lasted 5-6 years! straw wreath light Our "barn" is also used for the Pinata, apple bobbing, fortune telling an makes for great photo ops.

straw wreath light

straw wreath light

halloween light made from a straw wreath

Stay tuned for more Halloween party ideas!

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