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Candles Create the Right Mood

Isn't it interesting how candles can create just the right mood? Have you ever entered a room and been greeted by the scent of candles? Do you remember the fabulous party where the flickering candlelight, elegant floral arrangements and striking decorations produced such dramatic effects? Candles serve many purposes and are available in many different product lines. A full service florist can help you select from a wide variety of scented candles, decorative candles, ceremonial, wedding and unity candles along with aromatherapy candles, household odor control candles and outdoor citronella candles.


Removing Candle Wax From Carpeting

To remove candle wax from carpeting, try using an iron and some paper towels. 1. Select the 'warm' setting on the iron. 2. Place two or three paper towels over the hardened candle wax. 3. Place towels around the spill so as not to directly touch the carpet with the iron. 4. Gently iron the paper towels that are covering the hardened wax. 5. The wax will begin to melt and be absorbed by the paper towels. There are some commercial candle wax removers on the market. Check with a professional florist concerning product recommendations.

Dining By Candle Light

Scented or unscented - that is the question. If using candles when dining, consider the scent of the candles and the aroma of the food. Oftentimes the scent of the candle will be incompatible with the aroma of the food. Under these circumstances it is best to use unscented candles.

Selling A House

It has been found that when selling a house, many home buyers react strongly to household smells. Odor control candles can help to neutralize or eliminate unpleasant scents. Scented candles can help promote a pleasant atmosphere. The smell of a house can have a positive or negative effect on home buyers.


You can choose from the richly scented patchouli to the crisp scent of citrus, or even a delicate floral. Scented candles can evoke pleasant memories or let you wax nostalgic. Scents such as freshly baked apple pie or cinnamon buns create flavorful fragrances and the recently created environmental scents call to mind newly mowed grass, fresh hay or even a spring meadow.


This fragrance product is gaining in popularity because of its' intriguing and long lasting scent. Home Diffusers can be used alone or even combined with candles for the sophisticated layering of fragrances.


Aromatherapy has been found to help in the feeling of well being. Scents can be calming, soothing, relaxing, stimulating, uplifting or exhilarating. Aromatherapy products can be found in scented candles, home diffusers, bath oils, shower gels, soaps, lotions and potpourri. Why not give a customized Spa Gift Basket? This scented gift is sure to please.

ODOR CONTROL Speaking of scents, we've all encountered the unpleasant odors of stale tobacco smoke, household smells or pet odors. Don't let these bad odors put you in a bad mood. Odor Control candles are a great way to either neutralize or eliminate problem smells


Candles are great for parties, weddings and dining. Using pillar, column, colonial or taper candles can make a bold decorating statement. Or, on the other hand, votive candles placed in votive holders can lend a soft, almost magical lighting effect. Floating candles can be used indoors or outside. Whether placed in bowls filled with water or drifting in a pool or fountain, the flickering candlelight can produce shimmering effects. All of these candles can be used alone or with other decorations and floral arrangements. The possibilities are endless. Your professional florist can help with your selection of candles and decorations for your next party.


t's easy to change the look of the outdoors, and create a beautiful atmosphere, with the help of outdoor candles. Illuminate entrances and walkways. Use citronella candles to keep away mosquitoes. Cluster other candles such as tea lights and votives, along with floating candles, candle lanterns, and hurricane lamps to transform an ordinary night to an enchanted evening.


No matter if 'You're Home for the Holidays' or just starting your own home, holiday candles make the holidays brighter. If you are only thinking of red and green Christmas candles, think again. There are candles for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter and The Fourth of July. Getting in the holiday sprit is easier with the special look and scent of holiday candles. Don't forget friends and family. Holiday candles make great gifts to celebrate any occasion.


Through the ages the wedding ceremony and the glow of candles have been associated with joy and happiness. Wedding and unity candles can range from the traditional white taper to a wide variety of colors and different designs. The Unity Candle symbolizes the joining of two people who are beginning their life together. Wedding candles are no longer just for the ceremony. Candles may be given to guests after the ceremony as keepsakes or wedding favors. Make an appointment with a professional florist to discuss plans for a memorable wedding.

Now to answer the burning question: Why do some candles burn differently than others?

CANDLE INGREDIENTS The answer, different types of candles are made from different types of materials. Most candle ingredients are beeswax, paraffin, stearin, palm oil, or soy. Beeswax candles produce a honey scent and are long burning, dripless, and smokeless. Candles that are 100% beeswax and are made with pure plant fibers are non-toxic and non-allergenic. The new soy candles are less expensive than beeswax candles and are also clean burning and dripless. Soy candles last longer than paraffin candles, because soy burns at a lower temperature than paraffin. Paraffin, a by-product of petroleum, often produces soot when burned. Since soy wax is softer than paraffin wax, soy candles are usually poured into a glass jar or other heatproof container and are often identified as poured candles, jar candles, and container candles. However, candles that need to retain their shape such as pillar, taper, and colonial candles, are made with stearin, a derivative of palm oil. CANDLE HOLDERS Candles and candle holders can enhance a room. Taper and colonial candles look elegant when placed in wall sconces. Votive candles can blend in or stand out when placed in any number of interesting votive candle holders and pillar candles shine in either candle lanterns or hurricane lamps. CHOOSE WITH CONFIDENCE It doesn't matter if your taste in music is "Candle In The Wind" or "Come On Baby Light My Fire." Candles can set the mood for a tranquil evening, a fantastic party, an elegant outdoor event, or a romantic dinner for two. Whether selecting candles to create the right mood or to give as a gift, choosing from the wide variety and different product lines, makes it easy to see why candles are so "hot." "Reprinted with permission from"
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