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Be My Valentine...Valentine Memories from the 1950's

Be My Valentine...Valentine Memories from the 1950's

Re-Post from 2013
A Valentine from my first boyfriend......we must have been in the first, second or third grade.....H. M. Gates. He had black hair and was the cutest boy in the class.
This is a photo of us at a school function.....we were a pair....this picture was taken on about the same day I fell sick with the red measles.....I'm sure everyone at the school appreciated my effort to make it for the crowning.
While sick with the measles I can remember being carried to the dinner table by my dad.....don't remember if I was too sick to walk or just soaking up the attention, but I also had a "bed" made on the couch so I could stay in the living room with the rest of the family. But we had to protect my eyes.....because everyone measles made your eyes weak and you couldn't watch TV with the measles or it would ruin your eyes......well known medical fact. So, I lounged on the couch with a sheet hanging from the ceiling shielding me from seeing the TV, listening to the favorite family shows probably like Lassie...Howdy Doowdy, Ozzie and Harriett, Father Knows Best....and so on.
Before our middle schools years were over, H.M. and I went our separate ways.....schools were consolidated and I went off in one direction and he another......saw him several times throughout our teen years and he was still the cutest boy in the class....and a sharp was a time were pink oxford cloth shirts called for pink socks......yellow shirt....yellow blue blue was all the rage.
My next boyfriend was also the handsomest boy in the hair (Elvis comb back) also with the pink shirt and pink socks....tall and dangerous.....oh my gosh.....he's in the living room! The black hair has turned gray and thinned out with time....he's still tall....and easy on the eyes......that dangerous spirit has turned into a beloved "Pop" as the grandchildren call him.......but, that's another story for another time))) Here's more of some old Valentines))
Sometimes for school, we would decorate a shoebox to bring our Valentines home in.....but there would be one big box decorated by the whole class that all the Valentines would go in and the teacher would dig down in the box and call out the person's name to come to the front to get their Valentine. Have you seen the decorated boxes for Valentine's on Pinterest? Goodness....all we had, if we were lucky, was a little glue and maybe some crepe paper and a box of colors.
Recycling is nothing new.....many of the Valentines have eraser marks and you can still see the previous recipient. Some larger more special Valentines had a little metal screw or swivel that allows the Valentine to fold to fit in the envelope, or move.
As I looked through my old Valentines.....some are from people I haven't thought of in years.....some are no longer with us....and some I had difficulty remembering....some were from people I had just seen this week! And there were a couple of boys I could always count on to give me the biggest, prettiest Valentines in the whole class)))
Hope you get a special Valentine this year)))
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