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Wreath Idea using a Pumpkin Kid


Here’s a quick idea using one of the Pumpkin Kid Halloween decoration. Choose a wreath form, two rolls of 10″ mesh and 3-4 ribbon styles. Make a ruffle wreath and decorate with the Pumpkin Kid, ribbon strips and/or bows.

Here’s the link to the individual products:

30027641 Pumpkin Kid Boy or Girl

XX751138 24″ Copper Metallic Pencil Wrath

XB97910-19 10″ Orange Fabric Mesh – two rolls

RG0168002 2.5″ Ghost Ribbon

RG0173123 2.5″ Purple Jack O’Lantern Ribbon

RX9139X6 1.5″ Black White Diagonal Ribbon

RG100020 1.5″ Orange Polka Dot Ribbon