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Witch Wreath Kit Tutorial



New Witch Wreath Kit! We’ve had so many customers ask us to put together a tutorial that includes the complete kit for items used so here you go! There will be a limited number of kits available and once they are gone, we will likely still leave this tutorial up on our site, because you can still make it using other products. The same techniques can be applied to similar products for a Halloween wreath or other holidays.

Contents of Kit (Click here to order kit – while supplies last, once kit is sold out it will be removed from the website, but blog post and video will remain)

7/1/15 Update – Sorry, this kit is sold out – no more coming in for the season. The tutorial will be left up so that you can create the wreath perhaps using other products.

XX167820 Orange 10″ Pencil Work Wreath – 1

XB93210-19 Orange Poly Jute (combination poly mesh with jute thread) Mesh Roll – 1

Witch Head (available only in kit)

Halloween Sign (available only in kit)

Lime Green Witch Hat Ribbon – 4 yards

Purple Jute Flex Tubing – 10 yards

Bag of 2 wooden dowels, 2 eyelet screws, assorted zip ties, chenille stems


The first thing we did was take the two small eyelet screws and mark a place on the back of the sign to attach them. We attached them about 1/2″ from the outer edge, midway of the sign, on the long side. We used a little marker to mark our spot.


Be careful not to screw them in too far. These were the shortest we could find, but they will go through the board if you are not careful. You may need some help getting them started.


Once you  have attached the screws, position the work wreath with the sign on the front. Flip the work wreath over and work from the back. Use chenille stems to attach the board to the work wreath.


Attach the straight supports on the work wreath making sure you get your chenille stem around the straight support so the sign will stay in place.




The chenille stems can be wrapped around the Work Wreath frame for a neater look. We didn’t do it here yet.

Next we prepared the head for attaching. The witch head is made of Styrofoam, so we punch two small holes in the bottom of the head. Be careful not to use something larger than your dowel to make your hole. We used a small slender screwdrive. You might be able to just use the dowel, but we were afraid it might break.


Once the holes were punched, we applied hot glue to the dowels and inserted into the witch head, leaving about 1.5″ to 2″ sticking out. Once this has dried, we attached the witch head to the top of the Work Wreath between two twists. If you notice in the video, we first attached the witch head using 4 zip ties, but then later removed them because the head tilted back too far.


We wound up removing those zip ties and only used two. We also secured the witch head by letting one of the dowels slide down inside the rings on the work wreath and the other one on the outside of the work wreath.  We did go ahead and place some hot glue on the bottom of the head, around the dowels and work wreath to make it a little more stable. But even if the head still wobbles a bit, once it is hung on the wall or door, it doesn’t matter.

You may have another way that you prefer to attach the witch head and the sign also, these are just suggestions)))

Next we cut the 10″ wide mesh into 10″ strips and rolled each strip up into a curl with a diameter of about 1-1.5″. We placed a cluster of three curls into each twist on the Work Wreath. A couple of areas were a little harder to attach since we had our sign on there already, but it wasn’t that bad.


You might choose to place your sign and head at the end after you’re attached your curls. We just thought we could show you how to attach the head and sign easier before the mesh was in the way. Generally a roll of 10 yard mesh will result in 36 of the 10″ pieces. The roll we used only resulted in 34 or 35 pieces, so we just left out a couple up around the head. If you roll doesn’t result in 36 pieces it will not be noticeable at all if you are short a few.

Secure your curls with only a couple of turns of the twists since we are going to add more product later.




The kit include 4 yards of 2.5″ lime green ribbon with witch hats. We cut the strips about 11″ and did a chevron cut on the ends or you can just do a right angle cut. It’s always best to make one ribbon strip of the desired length and check it before you go on any further. You might want your ribbon strips shorter etc.

The kit also include 10 yards of Purple Jute Flex Tubing. You will have some left over. We initially cut our flex tubing 30″ but decided this was too long and cut them back to 24″ We just made a simple two loop bow and added it to the ribbon strip. Pinch the ribbon strip in the center, and hold the flex tubing on top. Secure both pieces at the same time by opening a twist on the wreath (you want to open it down to the mesh, making sure your curls don’t pop out of place) and secure the twist back with 3-4 turns.


We applied a ribbon strip and flex tubing bundle to each twist. You might want to do yours in a different pattern and you might want to use up the excess flex tubing. The flex tubing comes in bags of 30 yards which is usually 3 10-yard pieces, that’s why you have 10 yards in your kit)))


The overall wreath measures about 20″ in width and 24″ in ht.



By all means, have fun creating your project)))

Happy Halloween!