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Variety of Halloween Wreaths


It’s getting time to make that decision about the Halloween wreath you want to make)))

Here’s a few ideas I found along the way today.

halloween wreath

This spooky wreath was created by Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. It”s a great Halloween wreath and actually made with a Styrofoam wreath form that she glued and cut out from Styrofrom pieces….black feather boas and skulls from the Dollar Store! Sure doesn’t look like a Dollar Store wreath does it? Click on the photos to see more photos and easy to follow instructions.

halloween wreath tutorial

This Boo Wreath was crated by Linda at Craftaholicanonymous. If crafting is an addiction for Linda….well, I just have to be an enabler!  halloween boo glittered wood sign

Keep up the good work Linda…..fantastic Halloween wreath))) Linda’s wreath is made from burlap strips tied around a Styrofoam wreath form that had been painted black. The letters are wooden covered with Mod Podged Halloween papers. Click on the photo to see a complete step by step tutorial. And if you’re not too handy with making the letters….one of our BOO signs would work!




This wreath from Beverly at flamingotoes has a little different coloring….but isn’t it gorgeous!



how to make a halloween wreath

Isn’t the bright pink a nice twist! This wreath is made out of strips of black tulle tied around a Styrofoam wreath.

The pink trim is a feather black tulle for making halloween wreathboa. This wreath is just looks like it would be easy to make…’s just tying knots…..and we have the tulle for you)) Visit Beverly to see the tutorial on making this cute Halloween wreath.

Here’s another version of a tulle wreath using a combination of orange and black tulle by Everyday is a Crafting Day

halloween wreath  made out of orange and black tulle





Remember rag rugs? Well you may not be old enough))) But here’s a version using “rags” to make a stunning Halloween wreath!

how to make a halloween wreath

This wreath could be made from scraps of Halloween material, or if you don’t have enough scraps, just pick out some great new Halloween fabric. The creator of this rag wreath is Krystal at sassysanctuary. She chose fabrics from Hancock Fabric while it was on sale for additional savings. Just a note, Hancock Fabric, home office is just a few miles away from us. Wonder if that would get us a discount……probably not))

The rag wreath was made by tying strips of assorted Halloween fabric around a metal ring frame. The EEK was made from lettering, painted and glittered. The irregular positioning of the letters gives the wreath a whimsical touch. Visit Krystal at her blog to see more photos and instructions on creating this Halloween masterpiece.

This book page paper wreath by Heidi at Vacuuming in High Heels is a very different look for Halloween. The wreath is made from pages out of an old book. The edges of the pages were painted black before tearing them out.

how to make a halloween wreath

To make one of these wreaths, you need to visit Lindsay at Living with Lindsay. Here you will find the complete tutorial on making the book page wreaths. She even has a video! This wreath would cost you practically nothing to make. The wreath form would probably be the most expensive part. The video is excellent.

how to make a book page wreath

Here’s another version of the paper wreath made with Halloween colored papers. This wreath was created by Corner House Blog. Very interesting use of paper!

make a halloween wreath out of paper

Another great “free” wreath…..made out of sticks! All you need for this one is some help gathering sticks and a can of black spray paint. This stick wreath was created by Delia Creates Blog


make a halloween wreath out of sticks

Visit the Delia Creates Blog for a tutorial on creating this great stick wreath for Halloween. Decorating on a shoestring……my kind of decorating! Plus……you can let the kids or grand kids do most of the work……finding the twigs……painting them….yep, I like this wreath more and more)))

Well…..there are lots of ideas here! Where to start…..where to start….. One thing that impresses me so much are these outstanding blogs created by talented young women! Well….some are younger than others…..but most were all younger than me))) I’m thinking just WHEN am I going to have the time to try out some of these crafts!


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  • Hey thanks for featuring my Boo Wreath! I appreciate it! What a fun post filled with great fall wreaths.
    happy crafting,

    • Thank you for your creativity! I love the wreath))) I’ll be visiting your blog to see more!

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