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Trendy Tree Marketing Group

do you need help driving traffice to your creative business

Trendy Tree Marketing  can help!

Need help driving traffic to your creative business? Creating a product is one thing, but then you have drive traffic to that creation. This means doing the images, the pins, the Instagram post, blog post, Facebook, Twitter. All those things are so time consuming!

For several years now, we have provided a special board on Pinterest, reserved for Trendy Tree customers who are custom designers. You pin to that board and it’s very active. Right now the board contains 18,408 creations and has 76,019 followers. The board has a great engagement rate at 84.5% and 355,396 repins.

Some say….Pinterest Group Boards are dead!


Maggie Unzueta, Pinterest expert, says the Trendy Tree Custom Designer Board is still doing well…..but says it’s only a matter of time until Pinterest says NO MORE!

In case you are not familiar with what I’ve been doing in the past, when you post an image to the Trendy Tree Designer Pinterest Board, they send me an email. Depending on the time available, I then visit your Etsy shop, use an image and post it to our blog, Facebook page, Twitter and/or Instagram.

Your image doesn’t always go to all those places, and not every image is shared. There are just too many images and not enough time.

Sometimes category specific images are used. Images may be chosen for a Valentine, Easter, Halloween blog post etc.  Sometimes short videos are created and shared to YouTube. Trendy Tree has  75,000 YouTube subscribers.

Pinterest Stats:

  • 3.7 Million Monthly Viewers
  • 173 Thousand Monthly Engaged Viewers

The Custom Designer Pinterest Board will stay up until it has to be deleted based on whether it is growing traffic or pulling us down. You will still have the opportunity to post two images a day.

Etsy stats for the last seven months: (Etsy tracking from May 2018 using my affiliate link.)

  • $139,298 in sales was generated from Trendy Tree Clicks (Facebook,  Trendy Tree Blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, YouTube or Twitter accounts)
  • 4,067 Etsy transactions occurred from clicks
  • 104,783 total number of clicks to Etsy from Trendy Tree


Trendy Tree Stats:

  • 1.9 Million page views per month on average (2018 stats)
  • 230,000 blog page views in Nov 2018


social media traffic

Retirement! If you have seen any of our posts on the Trendy Tree page, you may know that I recently really, really retired from Trendy Tree. But I do plan to continue blogging and social networking. We can’t live without Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest can we!

I would love to continue working with you, Custom Designers, sharing your beautiful creations. and driving traffic to your creative businesses.




What if I am not on the Trendy Tree Custom Designer List?

That’s an easy one! If you are a current Trendy Tree customer and make wreaths to sell, just fill out the form. Here’s the link:  Interested in Joining


Were all the sales made up of designer creations?

No. It’s impossible to tell from my end of the stats, exactly how many wreath creations or centerpieces were sold. Sometimes customers might click a wreath link and wind up buying other things while they were on Etsy. We have received messages from designers saying they can tell when one of their creations was posted because their traffic ticked up.


How would I share my image?

You would share your image in a special Facebook group. In addition, you could still pin to the Custom Designer Pinterest Board until Pinterest calls a halt.


What if I don’t use Facebook?

You could email your image to me along with the link and short description of your creation.


What if I don’t sell on Etsy?

Your website url could be used or link to your Facebook page.


Would my image be altered?

It could be. Images are edited to be optimized for Pinterest and Instagram.


Would I be guaranteed that my creations would be shared.

Yes.  A minimum of two images would be shared each week.


What is the cost?

The  $24.97 per month


What are the requirements?

You must be a current Trendy Tree customer (means have had orders within the past 12 months).


What if I no longer order from Trendy Tree.

If you haven’t had an order in the past 12 months, you would not be eligible.


Do you make money off the affiliate links?

Yes, it’s a very small percentage of the sales and is no cost to you. I also am an affiliate for Amazon, Walmart, Sams, and several other vendors.


What if I want to stop?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Just go to your PayPal account and stop the recurring payment. Only PayPal is accepted at this time.


Will my payment be to Trendy Tree?

No, the payment will go to my personal PayPal account, Baby Boomer Blogger. The Trendy Tree social media accounts and platform will be used, but this is a personal business transaction for me (Jeannie Pence)


Use this opportunity to take advantage of the Trendy Tree platform to drive traffic to your site.

social medial traffic

Join the Trendy Tree Marketing Group!

How much?

$24.97 per month

Just click the Subscribe Button Below.

You can cancel anytime by going to PayPal and stopping the payment.

What you get for the $24.97 monthly fee.

A minimum of two creation images used each week. (If you provide two images)

Images will be shared to a Trendy Tree written blog post with a link back to your business.

Images will be shared to the Trendy Tree Facebook page. With a link back to your business.

Images will be shared to Twitter with a link back to a Trendy Tree blog post (which includes your business link)

Images will be shared to Pinterest with a link back to a Trendy Tree blog post (which includes your business link) We have a Pinterest expert who manages our Pinterest account and she recycles pins in a systematic manner. This process is especially good for seasonal creations that get shared more than once.

Images will be shared to Instagram with a link back to a Trendy Tree blog post (which includes your business link)

You will still be able to post directly to the Trendy Tree Custom Designer Board where you can link back to your business. As long as that board is viable with Pinterest and still driving traffic.

You will be invited to join a special Facebook Group. Trendy Tree Marking Group. This group will be a place where you can post your wreath simply as an access for me to grab it. You would need to post your image and the link you want attached to it. If you don’t use Facebook, you can email me the image with your business link.

The group is not intended to be a chat room or a place to get help, advice, etc. It’s just an outlet for you to post your image that you want me to share. Not saying that I will never be there to comment or anything, but I don’t want to give the wrong description of the group.

I’m only posting images to help drive traffic to your businesses. This won’t be a help group. I may post a comment from time to time like “show me your Mother’s Day wreaths…..or show me wreaths made with black and white decorations….etc”

Bonus Videos: Occasionally short videos will be created showcasing subscriber creations i.e. seasonal wreaths. First would probably be an Easter video since Valentine is already so close. Might be a video of wreaths made with hydrangeas, or Patriotic.

Subscriber’s creations will take precedence over all the other images we have available to share. Meaning, subscriber images will be shared first. If there is time left over, especially during the sign up time while people are joining, other non-member images may be shared to fill in time and space.

Interested in joining the Trendy Tree Custom Designer List? Click here.

Want to see designers who are already on the list? Click here.

If you have any questions or need more information just drop me a note. Contact Jeannie