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2019 Fall & Christmas Ribbon at the Atlanta Market


Fall and Christmas ribbon. Oh my goodness…..don’t we all love ribbon! Well, you should be here at market trying to narrow down the choices of what you can order! We want it all! But, we all have our budgets to work within so we’ll try to narrow it down to the best, most beautiful styles))

Here’s a few pics just to give you an idea of what’s in store for fall and Christmas 2019.

red bar ribbon, farmhouse ribbon

Thanks to Joanna Gaines….ANYTHING farmhouse goes for 2019. We saw barns, like in this natural ribbon, farm animals, trucks, tractors…..just about anything farm related you can find. Love this bow combination, just seeing bows made out of different ribbons helps us get ideas on ribbons to put together. Does that help you too?

red truck ribbon, dog, ribbon, christmas plaid ribbon

Isn’t this cute!! A dog in the back of the red truck……think we have a sign on order that will be just perfect with this ribbon. Love the red/cream plaid ribbon too.

christmas plaid ribbon, ice skate ribbon

Love this ice skate ribbon. Ice skate decorations have been very popular the last few seasons. I think one reason is because if you use an ice skate theme, the wreath is good for Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb….depending on your weather.

These skates have a little buffalo checked worked in too. Typically, when I think of ice skates I think white or black. But today in another showroom I saw a red ice skate.

What do you think about that? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page on your thoughts. I’ll post that link at the bottom of the page.

farmhouse pig ribbon, black white check, buffalo check

I was so focused on the center of this little bow that I almost missed the big fat pig on the ribbon! Love the basic checked ribbon. Notice how much extra attention the dashed edge gets on the black white ribbon.

An inexpensive glittered ball in the center of this bow makes it stand out so much more. This would be easy to copy. Just remember to save this post so you can come back later later this year)))

fall berry ribbon, autumn plaid

This is a really pretty combination for fall. The cream or ivory background just makes the pattern pop on the berry ribbon. Love the plaid too with the blue in it. We saw several products for fall that incorporated blue into their themes….pumpkin signs with blue….ribbon with blue. It’s such a great color combination for fall, you’re going to love some of the products we’re ordering.

blue wheelbarrow, pumpkin ribbon, fall plaid ribbon

Okay, I”m going to claim the credit for this ribbon! We had the red wheelbarrow ribbon last year and I suggested that we have a fall wheelbarrow with pumpkins…..and lo and behold…..is it not just the cutest ribbon! Love the plaid paired up with the wheelbarrow ribbon. Again, blue is incorporated into the plaid and the plaid is and overall lighter look. You’re going to love this ribbon.

blue scarecrow ribbon, plaid fall ribbon

More blue! Isn’t this beautiful))) Blue and orange are so perfect together, again the addition of white just brightens and lightens. The scarecrow is so cute. I’m thinking some of these ribbons we will need to get on 25 or 50 yd rolls…..what do you think? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page (link will be posted at the bottom) and tell us if you’re interested in anything we have posted. It’s helps us decide))

black white buffalo check ribbon

This black white checked ribbon has a dashed edge. I’m really just showing you this one so you can see another way to add ribbon to your tree or wreath project. You don’t always have to make a full bow, this is just a loop with two tails and they used the limb of the tree to hold the ribbon. Easy to do and easy to take down after the season.

If you like any of these products and want to see more, please leave us a comment on our Facebook page under the post containing the link to this blog post. Here’s the link: Trendy Tree Facebook Page

Here’s a link to a farmhouse truck that we found at market too! Old Fashioned Pickup Truck Container Decoration