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RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice Decorated Christmas Trees

Friday, June 7th, 2013

ITEMS USED FOR THIS TREE: (Items that we will have in stock at Trendy Tree will have links attached to the products) 3210388 Snowflake Ornament 3220018 Glittered Snowflake Ornament 3256437 Glittered Candy Ornament 3302941 Sequined Top Hat 3303098 Snowman Ornament 3316424 Snowman with Tree 3316508 Snowman Head 3323070 Snowman Cluster Ornament 3329158 Skating Snowman 3329164 […]

RAZ 2013 Aspen Sweater Christmas Trees and List of Products Used on Trees

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection Christmas Tree #1 ITEMS USED FOR THIS TREE: 3303450 Mounted Deer Head 3303451 Mounted Moose Head 3304108 Ski Ornament 3306252 Faux Snowy Branch Bundle 3306253 Faux Snowy Branch Bundle 3316347 Knit Ball Ornament 3316349 Knit Mitten Ornament 3316352 Knit Stocking Ornament 3316354 Knit Candy Cane Ornament 3316355 Knit Ball Ornament 3316357 […]

RAZ Chocolate Moose Christmas Trees

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

RAZ Chocolate Moose Christmas Tree. This is a tabletop tree and it’s covered with gingerbread goodies! The potted tree looks great and there is enough room underneath it for a tabletop display. Items  used on this tree: ITEMS USED FOR THIS TREE: 3216112 Ribbon Candy Tree Ornament 3302404 Strawberry Cluster Ornament 3316079 Gingerbread Ornament 3316414 […]

RAZ 2013 Christmas Catwalk Tree

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Another beautiful creation by RAZ Imports! The Christmas Catwalk Collection….chocked full of whimsical, trendy, elegant decorations. Lots of animal print ornaments and very unique ladies legs! Aren’t these just the cutest thing! Notice the mantel decoration in the background of the tree photo. The legs measure about 24″ with a 9″ stick and are sold […]

RAZ 2013 Tiny Tannenbaums Christmas Tree and Collection

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Another stunning Christmas tree from the RAZ Imports designers. The Tiny Tannenbaums tree for 2013 uses a combination of products derived from nature…..greenery, berries, pine cones, bird nest or bird houses, poinsettias, and even deer antlers! Sure to be a hit with the men of house. Here are more images taken at the Atlanta showroom […]

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