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  • Rhonda Proseus

    I love Trendy Tree videos and supplies.

    • JeanniePence

      Thank you Rhonda, we appreciate that))

  • Lydia Brown Toney

    I just love Trendy Tree also, the videos are great and I watch them most everyday. I love the supplies.

    • JeanniePence

      Thank you Lydia, and thank you for your business. We appreciate it!

  • Johnette Risden

    I stumbled across your tutorials by accident. I was looking for a tutorial for making wreaths. I want to do a nautical themed wreath since I live in Florida. I can’t get enough of your tutorials. You and your daughter are adorable together

    • JeanniePence

      So glad you found us and thank you so much, we appreciate it!

  • Janet Johnson

    I love watching your tutorials..I’m new to the wreath making and have learned a lot from watching you and you also have great supplies.

    • JeanniePence

      Thank you, so glad you found us!

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