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Recliners….Hubbies Gotta Have Em’



I don’t know about you, but recliners were not in my mind when we started talking about decorating the living room. We just moved into our retirement home and the hubby agreed that the old leather easy chair just couldn’t cut the muster in the new house. It was worn out ten years ago. When the movers came to move us out of the old house, bless them, one of them took it home with them. At least we didn’t have to take it to the dump.

We had two leather sofas in the old house and my plan was to use them in the new house for a while, but we ran across some really pretty sofas at Warehouse 605 and bought them. My plan was to have the two matching sofas facing each other in front of the fireplace, and have some contrasting easy chairs at the end of the group, coffee table in the middle. Pretty standard set up.

Well, the hubby wanted a recliner to take the place of his old leather easy chair. This was not in my plan. Recliners are so big, take up so much space and most of them are pillow soft and three people can sit in them! Yes, I agree, they are comfortable, but it’s just not what I wanted for the new house.

So we started the search for a recliner. Each time he found one he sort of liked, I kept putting him off encouraging him to continue looking. He really wanted a Lazy Boy but do you know, even though the mechanism is guaranteed for life, the thing makes noise! That would take some getting used to. He wanted leather, not fabric, not “bonded” leather whatever the heck that is. So we kept looking.

It’s not that I was so opposed to a recliner, but I at least wanted something that wasn’t as big as a truck and looked more like an easy chair. No no no he said to this. No press back or push back, he wanted a recliner with a handle, nothing electric, no handles on the inside, a handle on the outside. So we kept looking.

And then we found one…..not only one, but two that matched! I mean, what other kind of chair could I have put with a recliner. So I figured if we were going to get one, we might as well get two.

This recliner is from the Barcalounger Vintage collection. It called the Churchill and this color is double fudge. We have two. They match, they look like easy chairs and the press back mechanism is smooth enough that it’s easy for me to do and the chair is big enough for the hubby who is about 6′ 3″

The nail head accent really stands out and the leather is beautiful. It does take up room when reclined, but that’s what recliners do.

I love the legs on the chair and love the face that ti’s comfortable to sit in when not reclined. A lot of recliners are just not comfortable unless you are in the fully reclined position. It’s also pretty from the back and the back is made of leather and not some substitute fabric.

So, I gave in to recliners in the living room after finding these beauties. They come in several different colors, the the seat cushions were made by Leggett & Platt which was another plus for us, since there is a manufacturing plant close by and we’ve known the quality of Leggett & Platt for years. You have to understand too, that my husband was in the upholstered furniture business for most of his working life and he knows upholstered furniture. When I found the new sofas for my living room, they were the right color and were comfortable to sit on. He was sold on them because they were eight-way hand-tie which meant nothing to me, but it did to him, so I have two new sofas in the living room too)))

Furniture is so hard to pick out! We took our time looking for new things for the house, it wasn’t my intention to get new furniture right away and we had had two matching leather sofas in the old house that I had planned to continue using for a while. Honestly, I was quite tired of leather and wanted something fabric now. So, I have that in the two sofas and he’s happy with the leather recliners and so am I.

If you’re looking for recliners, you can’t go wrong with these Churchill recliners from Barcalounger. These are not inexpensive recliners, you get what you pay for as they say. They are comfortable, quality and beautiful. We’ve had ours for a few months now and I’m sold on them.

Now time to find that new dining table!

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