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RAZ Snowman Tree Topper and Lighted Top Hat Holiday on Ice Centerpiece



This is a centerpiece created with products from the 2013 RAZ Holiday on Ice Collection.

The Lighted Top Hat is the 10″ size and is available in lime green with red polka dots or red with lime green polka dots. The sku# is 300537. The hat is made of sisal on a wire frame and makes a great tree topper or table piece.

3005637-small-lighted-top-hat-sideAs you can see, there is an opening in the center of the hat and you can see the electrical wires. This creation above was done by the RAZ designers and they probably just inserted some Styrofoam or may not have even needed any considering the number of sprays they used to create the look.

They used a green pine spray that we don’t have in stock, but we do have a sixs49149-063-glittered-pine-spray-lime-greenmilar one. It’s not a RAZ product but would serve well to add a bit of greenery. Three pine sprays along with another green pine spray with pinecones was used.

A substitute for the second green pine spray would be a new spray we have in stock that just came out this year. It has a nice green color, some red berries and pinecones.

The difference in this spray is that the pine needles are a little wider and made of a flat foam like material. It really give the spray a nice look and makes the needles stand out more. It is called a Pine Berry Spray and is from the Tiny Tannenbaums Collection for 2013. The SKU is F3302441.




The next spray is a very popular Peppermint Pom Pom Spray. The SKU is F3204502. This spray was revised a bit last year from RAZ and made a little larger. The colors are really bright and it’s a very nice spray. We sell them in sets of two, one of each color. They measure about 24″ and contain peppermints, balls and pom poms.



The centerpiece above contains three of the Peppermint Pom Pom Sprays. The hat centerpiece also contains two curly glitter sprays. We don’t carry the exact ones in the photograph, but have a Silver and Black  Glittered Curly Spray set of two from the Holiday on Ice Collection, the SKU number is F3317662. These sprays are new for this year and measure about 33″.


Another substitute for a red spray could be this Red Glittered Swirl Spray from the Holiday on Ice Collection. It is also new for this year and the SKU number is F3317655


Here is another choice that would work well in this arrangement. It is a Peppermint Ball Spray from the 2013 Chocolate Moose Collection. The SKU number is F3306154. It is a white pine spray with solid red balls and red and white swirled balls of assorted sizes.


The creation on the right is just a RAZ Snowman Head Tree Topper perched on top of a candlestick. We don’t carry any candlesticks but you can find these available in any department store or variety store.

The Snowman Head Tree Topper shown above, is from a last year design an available in two styles. They were widely popular last year and are already selling well this season. This is one of those items that you don’t want to wait too long before purchasing))) The SKU number on this Snowman Head Tree Topper is 3216195.


This tree topper is very light weight, the head is hollow so that you can place it on top of your tree, or you can use as a table top creation as shown above. We didn’t have this style in stock last year, but the one that we did stock was so popular we added the striped style also for this year.

3216196-snowman-head-topperThis is the Snowman Head Tree Topper with the black hat version. The SKU number is 3216196. Love the peppermint ears!

Here’s a photo made in the RAZ showroom to show you how it looks as a tree topper.


The Snowman Head Tree Toppers just seemed to multiply this year! Here are two more of our newest and I have two of my favorites))


The SKU number on these toppers is 3216508. They are priced individually and measure about 14.5″ x 9″.  They can be used as topper or tabletop pieces. In the RAZ showroom, they had them placed in a Christmas tree in several places and they were just stunning.



 Thanks to the RAZ designers for coming up with these great ideas for using their products. Makes holiday decorating a snap!

Browse the 2013 RAZ Holiday on Ice Collection…..fluffy white snowmen, lots of red, white, black and silver products….whimsy with a lot of bling)))

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