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RAZ Easter Decorations Featuring Bunny Cookie and Egg Sprays



RAZ Easter arrangement using subtle shades of pinks and green to create a refreshing Spring corner. The milky white picture is a perfect holder for artificial greenery and the Easter Egg picks or sprays add just a touch of color.

The tall Bunny Cookies look like huge iced cookies with green swirls and pink bows. They have an easel back that makes for easy decorating on table tops and mantels. Shredded paper grass with small pastel Easter eggs are scattered about on the table.

E3216017-bunny-cookieThis Bunny Cookie is 16″ x 7.5″ and will sit or hang.  It’s in stock now at Trendy Tree along with these adorable Chick Cookies.


The Chick Cookies are 10″ x 6.5 and also will sit or hang. We don’t have the exact spray as featured in the RAZ photo, but we do have a similar one coming in any day now.

F3252250-egg-sprayThis is a very pretty RAZ glittered Easter Egg Spray that measures 29″. It should be arriving any day now.

Thanks to RAZ for showing how to put these great items together to create a stunning home decoration.



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