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RAZ Christmas Decorations with Poly Foam Trim


RAZ designers have created several Christmas decorations this year that are decorated with snowy, fluffy poly foam. This material is light weight but what I’ve seen so far, it seems durable enough.

The RAZ Cupcake Sticks are made of this and look like fluffy white icing covered in candy sprinkles. raz cupcake sticks

Another great decoration this year is the Lime Green and Pink Candy House from the Gumdrops and Jellybeans Collection. The Lime Green Candy House arrived this week and is made of a sisal material, roof top is covered with this soft fluffy poly foam snow, decorated with candy sprinkles. The fluffy material also is around the base of the house.

lime green candy house raz christmas decoration

Click here to seeĀ  a brief video that shows all sides of the house.

There is a set of large Candy Snowmen that are also from the Gumdrops and Jellybeans collections that matches the Lime Green Candy House. This set of Candy Snowmen hasn’t arrived just yet, but should be coming in any day now. Actually they are shaped sort of like gumdrop candy. I love the upside down ice cream cone for a hat.

candy snowman christmas decoration by raz


The Snowmen figurines and poseable Snowmen were so popular last year, we added several more styles to our collection for this year. raz poseable snowman figurinesThis year these items can be found in the Frostyland Collection.

snowman figurine christmas decoration white multicolor trim

New items from the collection this year include a larger set of snowmen. This set of snowmen measure about 22 and 23 inches. They are made of polyester and cardboard. They are decorated with snowy hats and scarves, one is holding a candy cane and the other holding a string of stars. The photo doesn’t really show the dept of the item, it’s not a round shape like a typical snowman, but more of a flatter shaped. We have a short video clip that shows the shape better.

raz snowman figurine 23 inchesTo see the video click here.

The other item that matches this set is the large Snowman Head. These are great for centerpieces, mantels, wreath and as ornaments on the Christmas tree. The Snowmen Heads are also from the Frostyland Collection.

raz snowman head christmas decoration

Brrrrrrr…….it’s getting chilly! Well…..not really……it’s about 94 degrees in Mississippi today…….think that’s why I chose to blog about snow!