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RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection Decorating Ideas



Decorating ideas from the 2013 RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection. The elves from this collection are very unique with their ski boots, turtleneck sweaters and caps this year. This posable 28″ elf  is show sitting casually on a shelf holding a knitted ball ornament trimmed in faux fur.


Collection of Snowy Branch Bundles on a mantle top or cabinet with some greenery and Snowy Bark Garland. These items are very lightweight which make them great for decorating. One of the Branch Bundles was taken apart and the star created. The Snowy Bark Garland is wire, made of paper add a very nice texture to the display. The Bark Garland can be used on wreaths and on your tree too.


White Owls from RAZ are one of the most popular products we have sold each season and this year they came out with these adorable White Squirrels on Snow Skies. These squirrels are sold as a set of three and we also have some white squirrels with black scarves without skies…..and some plain white squirrels. These whimsical squirrels would look great paired up with some of the RAZ Feathered Birds with Knitted Hats.


These Rustic Santas with snow skies will be available in two sizes. The smaller is a 12″ Rustic Santa and the one sitting is the 20″ Rustic Santa. The Santa figures are a new item this year and the detail on these woodland Santas is very nice. The Faux Leather Top Hat is one of several new styles of RAZ top hats coming in this year. We also will have a natural burlap and one in a red and black plaid.


As I mentioned earlier, white feathered owls are very popular and we add most every new style we can find! Some are soft and feathery….some fuzzy….some made of chenille…some are on picks so you can insert them into your arrangements. We will have five different styles of white owls from the RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection, but there are more found in other collections.


I just love these Frosted Grapevine Twig Bells! They just remind me of old fashioned Christmas decorations. The bells are decorated with red jingle bells and pine sprigs. They will look good as ornaments on your tree, or hanging from garland on mantels, around windows……on wreaths…..lots of option for these items. The Twig Bell measures 11″ x 6.5″


This RAZ Skinny Legged Moose is sitting in a sleigh filled with greenery. The 29″ Moose is the only part of this centerpiece that we will have in stock and he is sold in a set of two.


This arrangements includes two different sizes of knitted bears. The larger ones are 20″ Knitted Bears with Stocking Caps and sold in a set and the smaller is a 14″ Knitted Bears with Stocking Caps. While these bears are adorable, they are not toys…..just a reminder))) We will also have the 22″ Knitted Candy Cane which will be sold in sets of two. We did not stock the sleigh or greenery shown in the centerpiece.


This is really a different look for Snowmen this year from RAZ. We didn’t stock the snow chicks on the right this year, but we do have the Snowman in Hoodie in a 18.5″ pair and also a pair of  13″ Snowmen.



The Aspen Sweater Elves are shown again in this bookcase display along with Knitted HO HO HO ornaments, Knitted Ball Ornaments and Wooden Snow Skies. The elves have wired arms and legs so that you can pose them. The Knitted HO HO HO  ornament is sold as a set of three, all assorted. The Wooden Snow Skis come in a set of two pair 18″ and 14″


These Posable Squirrels will be available in four different styles and are priced individually. They are wired also. The Knit Sweater Ornament on Hangers will be sold in a set of three assorted sweaters and will will also have a Vest on Hanger ornament, Winter Hat, Knitted Scarves and Knitted Stocking ornaments from the Aspen Sweater Collection. The white twig tree is not an item that we will have in stock.

Visit the Image Gallery to see the RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection Tree for 2013.

We have about 71 different items from the RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection coming in, some items are already in stock. Just browse through the collection to see them all. Plus, many items from some of the other collections blend well with the Aspen Sweater Collection. Love the look of the faux fur, knitted items and snowy look. Perfect for a tree in a cozy den with a fireplace……gosh…I think I hear Christmas carols)))


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  1. Sherry Carter says:

    Hi Jeannie, I found your website on Pinterest and love the white owls from the RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection. I realize that was a collection from 2013, however I wondered if you might have made a tutorial of that particular arrangement. (the white owls, the red vase, and the sled. It’s absolutely beautiful.

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