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New Product Coming – Bead Garland Christmas Decoration


Brown Orange Gold Moss Cranberry Beaded Garland

We have so many new Christmas decorations coming in this year, it’s going to take me between now and December to tell you about them!

One of my favorites is this new bead garland. We are so accustomed to lightweight Styrofoam glittered balls, which are pretty and glitzy, but these new garlands are much more substantial. I think they will be the kind that will hang around in your collection of Christmas decorations for a long time.

The balls are assorted sizes and colors and the finishes vary from matte, pearly or shiny to a flocked velvety look. I think they are made of acrylic, but I’m not positive about that, they could be glass.

We have several color combinations on order and they should be here sometime this summer. They are about 6 ft in length. Here are a few more styles. These are photos that we took in the showroom.


Brown Pearl White Beaded Garland


Multicolor Beaded Garland


Lime Green Red Beaded Garland

Other color combinations include Lime, Black and Pearl; Red and White; Red and Black; Black and White; Taupe Cream and Pearl.

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