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New Feature! Quantity Discounts


We are asked many times if we are a wholesale business and we’re not, but we’re always listening to our customers and adding features to the website as we can.

Our newest feature is the new Quantity Discount program. This means that if you purchase 10 of a “like item” then you will receive 10% of those items. These discounts will apply to a specific type of product.

To start with, the discount will apply to the Work Forms category with products that have SKU’s that start with XX. This includes work wreaths, pencil wreaths, candy canes, rails, crosses….anything in that category that starts with XX.

Once you have added ten XX items to your shopping cart….and they don’t have to all be the same item, you will see the discounted price. For instance, you might have 2 burlap work wreaths, 3 different color pencil wreaths, 3 candy canes, 2 rails ….for a total of 10 items that start with XX. You will see the prices change in your shopping cart to reflect the 10% discount. You don’t have to do anything. Keep in mind also, that it won’t prompt you to add one more item so that you reach the required ten. Not right now anyway.

Next we’ll be working on the mesh category and we’ll send you a notice when that is all set to go.

Stay tuned for more features coming soon to the new website!