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Make Lollipops from Balloons


lollipops out of balloons

Aren’t these just the cutest things! I love them! This wonderful decorating idea comes from Parents.  The name of the article was Land o’ Candy Birthday Party They really look like Chuba Pops don’t they! Here are the instructions from parents.com.

What you’ll need
Large foam brush, white acrylic paint, wrapping-paper tubes, balloons, ribbon, 2-oz. paint or glue bottles, tape, cellophane, scissors

Make it
1. Use the brush to apply two coats of paint to a tube; let dry.

2. Blow up a balloon, knot the end, and to the bottom attach a length of ribbon that is about 6″ longer than the tube.

3. Tie the loose end of the ribbon to the paint or glue bottle (secure with tape if necessary) and drop it into the tube so that ribbon comes out the other end.

4. Cut the ribbon from the paint or glue bottle, pull it taut and tape it to the inside of the tube. (The top of the tube should cover the balloon knot.)

5. Cut a 3’x4′ piece of cellophane, cinch around the balloon, and tie with ribbon.

6. Insert the loose paint or glue bottle in the bottom of the tube to help it stand up. Secure in place on the floor with strips of tape if necessary.

These would make great party decorations or even Christmas decorations depending n the colors of balloons, ribbons, etc.

clear cello rollAlso from parents.com were these cellophane wrapped candies. Well….that’s sure what they look like! Aren’t they just delicious looking))

Instructions: These hard candies are super easy to make. Tape together two plastic dinner plates, wrap them in cellophane, and cinch the ends with ribbon.

candy plates wrapped in cellophane

These look just like giant twisted paper wrapped candies. Really great inexpensive decorating ideas for sure. These are made out of colorful party plates and covered with clear cellophane.  These would be so cute decorated for a Christmas theme and the large Balloon Lollipops could be used along side a walkway or entry way.

This article has more great colorful party decorations. Another great favor to take home were bottles of candy. Made from recycled bottles and filled with Skittles. You could use any sort of small candy that matched your party colors. Great idea…….and the packaging would cost you…nothing! Just fill up the bottles and add a cut tag.

fill empty bottles with candy

Visit parents.com


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