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Make a Fresh Magnolia Wreath using a Pencil Work Wreath Form


Nothing says Mississippi like a Magnolia Wreath. Trendy Tree is located in Mississippi of course where Magnolia trees abound. In the past, I’ve made Magnolia wreaths using round wire forms, paddle wire and lots of elbow grease.

I’ve been wanting to try using a Work Wreath product with fresh greens or Magnolia branches to see how it would hold the fresh branches and to see if it would be strong enough to support heavy leaves and branches like the Magnolia.

My intention was to use the Evergreen Work Wreath but when I got to the shop this morning (a Saturday morning with no one else around) I decided to opt for the Evergreen Pencil Wreath instead….because it was available)) Being Saturday morning and all, I just didn’t want to have to open up a case of new wreaths to get an Evergreen Work Wreath….call me lazy if you want! It was my morning to craft…..not restock wreaths))) But this was even a better test….if a Pencil Wreath could hold up to Magnolia branches….it would hold up to just about any sort of material you want to use on it.

First thing I did was cut some Magnolia branches. We don’t have a Magnolia tree in our yard, but there is one just down the road a bit at an old home place where the house has been gone for years. Took the hubby with me….just in case we encountered any unwanted wildlife….snakes in particular….cut enough tips to fill one of those 50 gal black garbage bags full and headed to the shop.

Supplies were simple, an Evergreen Pencil Wreath and Magnolia branches. This wasn’t all the branches, the rest were in the floor))

Branches were secured between the twists just like doing Deco Poly Mesh®. Depending on the branch size, most of the time I put two branches together, sometimes it might take three….just trying to keep them balanced. Also it depends on how full you want to make your wreath… could go around it with one branch at a time too.

Secure the branches in the twists and twist 3-4 times very tightly. Continue working around to the next twist, smoothing the previous clump of branches out of your way and laying the next clump on top of the previous one.

Back of the wreath after the first round of branches was completed.

After the outer layer of branches are secured, turn the wreath over the clip any long branches, taking care not to clip to close to your twist so they won’t slip out when you manipulate the wreath.

Hang the wreath up and stand back to look at it. Make any adjustments needed to keep it fairly symmetrical, just cut any loose stragglers, you don’t want it perfect.

A Magnolia wreath with it’s glossy deep green leaves and underneath of rusty brown, really don’t need much embellishment and the smell is heavenly.

You’ll want to position some of  your branches where the backs of the leaves show off their velvety brown color. And try to work in some of the seed pods if you have any.


I chose a Faux Cream Burlap wired 2.5″ ribbon to make a bow. If you’ve ever seen a fresh Magnolia blossom….this cream burlap is that very color. Now, I’m not a bow maker…….I spent more time trying to make the bow than I did putting the branches on the wreath!

Once you have the wreath hanging, you have to sort of push back the leaves from the center to give it a little opening.

I also decided to use a bit of Mossy Brown Green Roping to add a little different texture to the wreath. I just cut a long piece and secured it in a few places going around the wreath, using the same twists that held the branches.

The roping just added a little bit of interest. The overall wreath measures about 40″ x 40″ which is quite large, considering the metal portion of the Pencil Wreath form measures 15″ across at the widest ring.

This side view gives you an idea of the depth of the wreath.


The wreath doesn’t show up well in this photo, but it gives you an idea of the overall size.

Fresh cut Magnolia branches will last for several days even up to about a week with no special treatment. I have kept wreaths until they completely dried……and just removed any embellishments and spray painted with gold paint to use a Christmas time.

Another thing you can do to keep them fresh longer is to crush the stems of the branches and let them sit in water overnight. Gives them time to soak up all the water they can.

Making this wreath using the Pencil Wreath was easier than I expected, the twists held up to some very tight tugging and the good thing…..when it dries out….I can just undo my work and use the Pencil Wreath again! Next time maybe I’ll try some Leyland Cyprus or Carolina Sapphire. Maple, Sweetgum and Hickory branches only last a day or two, but as quick and easy at this wreath was to make, they will make a beautiful autumn wreath perfect for the back porch.

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