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Interested in Joining the Custom Designer List?




Revised: 8/27/18

Calling all customers! If you create custom wreaths, are a regular customer of Trendy Tree and want to get your wreath business considered for listing on the  Trendy Tree Custom Designer List…..time to fill out the form!

We keep the Trendy Tree Custom Designer List on a special page on our Trendy Tree Blog (right navigation bar). The list stays up all the time and we refer potential customers to it when they call or contact us about needing a custom wreath.

We currently do not make wreaths to sell at Trendy Tree, but we do get requests quite frequently. The best way for us to handle this is to refer them to the list and let them take it from there. And we have quite a bit of traffic to our site with an average of 1.9 million page views each month! Recent stats show 230,000 page views for the blog in November alone.

Our goal in maintaining this list is to drive traffic to your business to help customers sell their creations, which of course helps us also. We small businesses have to stick together and the more we share, the more we all benefit.))

We have a new marking subscription group for driving traffic to your creative business that you might want to check out. This is a paid subscription group. Trendy Tree Marketing Group

Requirements:Please read completely before beginning: Updated Jan 2017

If you are interested in having your name and wreath business considered for the Trendy Tree Custom Designer List, please complete the form below.

This service is limited to current customers of Trendy Tree only. (Current customer means you have ordered supplies from Trendy Tree within the past 12 months.) If you have not ordered, your business will be removed from the list and Pinterest invitation revoked. Please keep up with the time frame, we will not be contacting businesses before they are removed.

1.  By requesting your business be considered for the list, you are granting Trendy Tree permission to post your creation images to the Trendy Tree Facebook Page, Pinterest Boards, Blogs, YouTube or other means of social networking.

If you do not wish your images to be used in this form, please stop here.

2.  You agree to visit the Trendy Tree Facebook page, like it and put a check mark on receiving notifications.; follow on Instagram (trendy_tree); follow on Twitter (trendy_tree); follow on Pinterest (trendytree)

3. You agree to occasionally share original posts made by Trendy Tree to your Facebook page. i.e.  This is especially helpful when you share videos that we post.

4. We request that you pin no more than two images per day to the Trendy Tree Custom Designer Pinterest Board. Images must be your own images, and not other people’s creations.

5. We ask that you create a special Pinterest board entitled Trendy Tree Products I love, or something similar. Each time you pin an image to the Designer Board, we ask that you pin a product or image from our website or blog, to that special board. It could be a product you have used/liked/want etc. But each time you pin one of your own to the Custom Designer Board,  you pin something for Trendy Tree also.

6. If you use Twitter, please set up your special Trendy Tree board so that a tweet goes out each time you pin to the board, or send it out separately.

It is our goal to assist in driving traffic to your business pages to support your business.  The more we all work at sharing, repinning and posting, the more traffic we all will receive.

This is all FREE advertising for your business. We wish to help support your business as you help support ours. The more we share, the more we all benefit.

We reserve the right to remove businesses from the list once they no longer meet the current customer requirement. This also means revoking the permission to post to the Trendy Tree Custom Designer Pinterest Board.

After you have completed the form, we will verify and consider listing your business. If your business is added to the list, we will also send you an email notification and invitation to pin to the Trendy Tree Custom Designer Pinterest Board.

Occasionally the list is purged and businesses that haven’t placed an order in 12 months will be dropped from the list. We don’t send out notifications ahead of time or anything, but if you think we have dropped your business in error, please contact us. This is a very informal list and there are no rigid rules or guidelines. Please note that we don’t promote businesses that are in direct competition with Trendy Tree. If you have any questions about this, just contact us.

We have created this list in an effort to help drive traffic to your business, it does require quite a bit of time to manage so we ask that you don’t request  frequent changes once your business is on the list. Be sure to check your listing occasionally as website updates, Facebook, Etsy or Wordpres updates might cause a link to break etc.

Ready to get started? Click on the link to complete the form.