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How to Make a Burlap Wreath with a Scarecrow Butt


How to make a burlap wreath with a scarecrow butt. This is an easy video tutorial and supplies are available in a kit on the website – while supplies last.

Purchase Kit: 2018 Scarecrow Butt Wreath Kit

TIP: Use the code “butt” to get $5 off the kit!

Here’s a list of the individual items, in case you would like to change up products and not take the kit. Some may not be available on the website, but you could choose substitutes:

3716492 RAZ Scarecrow Butt – 1

XX7488W4 24″ Burlap Work Wreath – 1

XB979-15 21″ Natural Fabric Mesh – 1

RP8402A5 10″ Burlap Copper Fuzzy End Mesh – 1

RG0181365 2.5″ Denim Sunflower Ribbon – 1

RW564520 2.5″ Orange Burlap Ribbon – 1 – not available on website, in kit only

RG01087H1 1.5″ Bleached Linen Ribbon – 1

RL1942EY 1.5″ Chocolate Velvet Ribbon – 1

X814909-19 1.5″ Retro Funk Fall Plaid Ribbon – 1

Other items you will need but are not included: Scissors, tape measure, zip ties or chenille stems.



Wreath: We used a 24″ burlap wreath, you could use other colors. Ours 24″ wreath form measures 15″ across the widest wire. With the addition of mesh, ribbons and other embellishments, you wind up with a wreath that measures 24″ or greater. A couple of yards of mesh was left over.

21″ Mesh: We used a 21″ natural fabric mesh for the pouf technique. Poufs were made 12″ in length and placed on the outer and inner ring.

10″ Mesh: We used the 10″ frayed edge mesh to made a ruffle to go in each twist. Ruffles were cut 20″ in length. (10 yard roll of mesh = 360 inches. 18 twists on the wreath, so we cut the ruffles at 20″ length to use up all the mesh. You could make then 15″ if you like.

Ribbons: We used five different styles of ribbon, some 1.5″ and some 2.5″ all the ribbon was wired. We made three bows using a ProBow in the Terri bow style with some alteration. The Terri bow is typically made of 6 ribbons. We only had 5, so we repeated one of the ribbons on each bow. The bows were not absolutely identical, but that’s okay. If you prefer, you could do ribbon strips also. Ribbon was left over after making the three bows. A separate video showing the bow making is posted.

Insert video here (please check back later, video still being edited for uploading) While the YouTube video is uploading, you can watch a replay of a Facebook Live we did making one of these bows:

Scarecrow Butt: The butt was inserted into the middle of the wreath from the back and position. It was secured to the wire form with a couple of zip ties. You can position the legs since they are wired.


After the butt was secured, the three bows were positioned to the top left and top of wreath. They were wired to the work wreath frame. You could place them differently, just whatever your preference it.

All the supplies were used are contained in the kit. When the kits sell out, the instructions will be left up since you can choose other products and make a similar wreath.

Happy Fall Y’all!