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Heart Shaped Valentine Wreath


Another beautiful Valentine wreath! This gorgeous wreath was made by Lisa Gray in North Carolina.

Lisa chose a red and white  21″ striped mesh for the outer layer and a 21″ red metallic mesh for the inner layer of her wreath. The wreath was created using a Styrofoam heart. Accent ribbon was sheer white with red hearts. Love the Cupid’s arrow! 

This wreath has a lot of impact……nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like RED!

You can see more of Lisa’s creations on her Facebook page MeMa’s Makery. And wreath making isn’t her only talent! Check out the photos of her cake creations….gorgeous wedding cakes…just all sorts of party cakes!

Drop by MeMa’s Makery and tell Lisa that Trendy Tree sent you)))

Thank you Lisa for sharing your Valentine wreath with us.

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