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Fall Green Truck with Pumpkins Wreath or Door Hanger


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Our focal point for this project was this fall green pickup truck sign with pumpkins. We started out initially just to make a wreath, and then someone suggested we make a door hanger with it….so we did both!

green truck, pickup truck, truck with pumpkins

We have put the sign and ribbons in a supply kit so those that wish to make a wreath, can just add mesh and a wreath form.

Here’s the link to the supply kit: Pumpkins Door Hanger Supply Kit

If you wish to make a wreath, we used a 21″ dark natural frayed edge mesh, XB970-15, and a 24″ pencil wreath. You can choose a pencil wreath or a work wreath for this project, just stick to the 24″ size.

The sign is rather large at 12″ x 16″ and it’s made of MDF.

Wreath Summary:

The pouf technique was used to go around the 24″ pencil wreath. We used a white wreath simply because we were short on burlap wreaths and we tucked the tips of the twists to the inside once we were finished.

Full length chenille stems were stapled to the back of the sign and secured to the wreath frame.

Our initial plan had been to make about 2-3 large bows and just attach bows to the wreath and skip the ribbon strips this time. But after we made the first two bows, we re-groups and decided to just use one bow at the bottom of the wreath and go ahead with some 13″ ribbon strips.

The bows were made using the EZ Bowmaker. You don’t have to use a bow maker, but it helps hold your ribbon for you. We also use the Bowdabra and Probow for our bows too. The EZ Bowmaker is for sale on Trendy Tree. Please note that when you open the EZ Bowmaker, you will think that the pegs won’t fit in the holes. You have to tap them in a little with a hammer.

We used the plaid ribbon up completely, but had a little left of the other three.



Door Hanger Summary:

Since we had the extra bow already made, we tried using the truck sign as a door hanger.  Both options look great for fall.

The right upper bow on the door hanger was secured to the burlap string and the left lower bow was stapled to the sign in a couple of places. You could also staple a chenille stem to the front of the sign to secure the bows.

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