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Deco Mesh Pumpkin Video by Trees N Trends



This is a great video created by Trees N Trends demonstrating to you how to make this gorgeous fall pumpkin using Deco Poly Mesh® Just click on the image to go to youtube to see the video.

Before you start this project, please be sure to note how LARGE this pumpkin is……giant size)))) Course you can apply the same technique and just start with a smaller styrofoam ball. I believe this pumpkin calls for about three rolls of 21″ orange mesh so that gives you an idea of the size.

Here are some suggestions for supplies:

This is actually a Gold-Gold two tone style of mesh, but it has a bit of an orange cast to it. 21″ wide an 10 yards in length, no foil and only $6.99 a roll.

This is an Orange with Orange Wide Foil metallic mesh. The wide foils have more foil than regular metallic mesh. The orange foil in this mesh is more like a clear orange film, very glossy and shiny. Available in 21″ and 10″ widths.

The stem of the pumpkin was made using a couple of different colors of green mesh and green wire.

Lime Green decorative aluminum wire.  Comes in a package of 39 feet and available in several colors.

Lime Green Foil


Apple Lime Green Foil


Moss Apple Lime Green Foil


Any of the colors of mesh may not be the exact color that was used in the Trees N Trends video, but they are items that are similar and would work well for a project like this. Another item that would work for vine is the Laser Glamour Rope.

Lime Green Laser Glamour Rope


Trees N Trends has a great collection of how to videos including how to make bows, decorate Christmas trees, make Halloween decorations….check it out.

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