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Christmas Tree Storage Bag


Okay, lets face it…..dragging out the old Christmas tree each year is a headache! Cutting a fresh tree is actually easier I think, and we’ve done that a lot of years….but sometimes, you just need to use old faithful.

We’ve had this flocked tree for about seven seasons now and I think each year when we take it out of the bag, that this will probably be the last year….but it’s still going strong!

One reason the tree has last this long, I’m sure, is because it has been stored well. Several years ago TreeKeeper sent me a storage bag to try out and review if I liked it. Well, yes I liked it! It’s been the greatest thing since sliced bread! Below is a stock photo of the large bag. My tree is about 9-10 ft. The TreeKeeper Pro Upright Tree Storage Bag with Stand holds a 7.5″ to 9″ tree. They have other sizes of course along with storage containers for ornaments, wreaths, etc. The tree bag is the only one I have had experience with, but here’s a link you can shop on TreeKeeper for other items.


I absolutely love this bag. It has been durable, easy to manage. Well fairly easy, it really takes two people to pack and unpack the tree. But once you put the bag on the rolling stand, which is great also, you just leave the bag in place for the rest of the time! The bag drops down at the bottom of the tree and you just cover it up with your tree skirt.

Once you’re done with the season, pull the bag up over the tree, close all the zippers, straps and drawstring and roll the tree out of the living room. The kicker is…..where to store the tree! My tree is tall and it’s storage place has been in the corner of the garage or shop beside the house. No way is this tree going into the attic and there really has never been a place in the house that would accommodate it, short of filling up a closet and space is too precious for that.

If your doorway is too short to roll the tree out, you can gently tilt it to it’s side and two men can carry the tree out, then set it back up. Did I saw the rolling tree stand is awesome? Yes! You can roll that baby around, pull your tree out from the wall for decorating and roll it back.

With the bag closed and sealed, your tree is safe. It’s always best to store most anything away from extreme temperatures, like hot attics, but short of climate-controlled storage, most of us don’t have this luxury. Our tree has made it just fine in the garage throughout the hot summer.

Here’s a pic of my bag. Carrie and I plan to put the tree in position today and “fluff” it…..so my husband had already loosened the top to make it easier for us.

Insert video here (please check back later, video still uploading)

So, if you’re looking for a good tree storage bag, you can’t go wrong with the TreeKeeper bag. You know this would make a nice gift too!
This post does contain some affiliate links.  I can promise you, if I didn’t love this bag, I wouldn’t be blogging about it. It’s great, it’s durable, it is expensive to my way of thinking, but if something happens to my bag, I’ll be buying one. I don’t know how long to expect it to last, but we’ve had this one since 2010 or 2011.