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Charmed South is an Etsy Shop owned by Stephanie Skok. Today we’re showing you some of her stunning handiwork with her wreath creations of poly mesh. It’s always fun to show off  the creativity of our customers. It spurs the creative juices to flowing so sit back and enjoy!

Charmed South - Etsy Shop

This is a lime green wreath with lime and metallic green stripped deco mesh. A red deco mesh flows throughout the wreath. Four hand painted watermelons coupled with red, black, and green flex tubing accent the outer edges of the wreath. A white and red polka dot welcome sign sits in the middle of the wreath. The sign is made from wood. On top of the Welcome sign sits an ant holding up a watermelon (on his back). The sign measures 18 x 7. The wreath measures approximately 29 inches around.

Charmed South - Etsy Shop


This is a red wreath with red, white, & blue stripped deco mesh. Red, Silver, &  Blue Deco Flex Tubing adorns the wreaths, with red twist shooting out of the wreath. The “USA” is painted red and adorned with red glitter. The “USA” sign has been sprayed with an acrylic to minimize fading. The “USA” sign measures 16 x 8. The wreath is approximately 28 inches around. Make a firecracker of a statement for your 4th of July celebration!


Charmed South - Etsy Shop


This is a 18 inch wreath that is covered with 12 different ribbon patterns. The primary colors of the wreath are pinks, blues, browns, coupled with a hint of lime green and cream. The wood initial has a blue damask pattern couple with crystals. The initial measures 9 x 5.5 inches. The initial has been sprayed with a clear acrylic to minimize weathering and fading. 69 yards of ribbon are in the wreath. (Note – the initial can be any letter you wish.)

This is a great way of using up your short ends of ribbons. Those pieces that are not enough for another project. Maybe not in a wreath this size, but a smaller one. So start your stash of short ends!

Charmed South - Etsy Shop

This is a turquoise wreath with turquoise and white stripped deco mesh. A hot pink and glittery purple ribbon flow through out the wreath. Lime flip flops adorned with purple jewels sit to the right of the wreath. A grass, raffia, and burlap like bow coupled with driftwood adorn the top of the wreath. The sign hangs from lime green polka dot ribbon and states “Every Day should be a flip flop day.” The wreath is approximately 29 inches around.

This is a red wreath with red and white checkered mesh. A black wavy and lime green/hot pink polka dot ribbon flow throughout the wreath. Lime green and hot pink flex tubing adorn the wreath. Four hot pink curly Q’s shoot out of the wreath. A moss roping flows throughout the wreath. Four sunflower accent the corners of the wreath. A metal ladybug sits in the middle of the wreath and measures 5 x 5 inches. The wreath measures approximately 28 inches around.

Charmed South - Etsy Shop

This is a moss twig wreath with yellow and white stripped mesh. Red and lime green deco mesh accent the wreath. A black damask and a red and cream checked ribbon flow throughout the wreath. Red and black flex tubing accent the wreath. A metal rooster Welcome sign adorns the middle of the wreath and measures 12 x 18 inches. The wreath measures approximately 28 inches around.

This would also be a great wreath for a kitchen or breakfast room wall. There is an old saying that a rooster in the kitchen brings good luck. When I was growing up it usually meant bad luck for the rooster….

This is a cream wreath with cream deco mesh. A shear burgundy ribbon coupled with burlap flow through out the wreath. Gold curly garland accents the wreath. The metal sign that adorns the middle of the wreath reads “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”. The sign measures 10 x 11. The wreath is approximately 27 around.

This is one of my favorite wreaths…..it has such a serene, calming spirit about it. Nice job Stephanie!

Charmed South - Etsy Shop

This is a brown wreath with chocolate brown and light brown deco mesh. Roping flows through out the wreath. The cowboy sign in the middle of the wreath is approximately 11 x 5 inches. The wreath is approximately 24 inches round. Deco mesh is weather tolerable. The cowboy sign in the middle is also made like the roping! (it is not rope, it’s resin) Add a little elegance to your ranch, cabin,etc. The wreath makes a great gift for your favorite cowboy, bull rider, or rodeo fan.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the creations at Charmed South. This is by no means all that she has to offer, we just sampled out a few. The links will take you to Etsy shop instead of to the individual wreath since the wreath might be sold by the time you see this, but Stephanie would be more than happy to re-create you one I’m sure. She also as a Facebook Page Charmed South so drop in and like her page…..you never know what she has going on there….sometimes she even gives a wreath away! Right now she has free shipping this weekend…..can’t beat that! Be sure and tell her that Trendy Tree sent you.

Thanks to Stephanie for sharing her creations with us and thanks for being a loyal customer. We enjoy participating “a little bit” in your stunning designs)))

Stunning paper mesh wreath created by Jana Crabtree for her JoyfullyYourWreaths Etsy Shop.

This wreath is made from a base of a new style Red and Green Checked Paper Mesh on a Twig Work Wreath.

Red geraniums, asparagus fern, forsythia and various greens tucked away for additional color. A beautiful large wired red burlap bow has been added to complete the design.

Green Moss Roping adds additional texture to the wreath.

This next wreath from Jana has a totally different look. Gorgeous lavender Deco Poly Mesh wreath that will work all spring and summer.



This beautiful wreath is so full! Base is made from Lavender and White Striped mesh with high foil content for glossy shine. Love the contrasting checkered ribbon and the tufts of dark purple Deco Flex Tubing add more glitzy and color.

Drop by Jana’s JoyfullyYoursWreaths Etsy Shop and browse around.

She has many beautifully handcrafted wreaths there for all occasions and adding new things every day!

Thanks Jana for sharing these gorgeous wreaths with Trendy Tree.

We’re ask frequently what the difference between a Work Wreath and a Twig Work Wreath is, so I’ve taken some close up photos of a Twig Work Wreath to help explain that difference.

Red Work Wreath

This is a Work Wreath in red. They are available in 16 colors plus 4 metallic colors. We stock all 20 colors here at Trendy Tree. This is a “24-in” wreath although the largest ring measures 15″ in diameter. The 24″ description comes from the average finished product, depending on how large your make your poufs, etc. Work Wreaths are made by the company in larger sizes, but we stock only the 24″ size for now. The “twists” on the Work Wreath are similar to the branches of an artificial Christmas tree. The bend and twist easily around your mesh or whatever material you are making your wreath out of.

Brown/Green Twig Work Wreath

This is the new Twig Work Wreath. It is available in two colors: brown/green and green/brown. It is the same size as the regular Work Wreaths with the inner ring being 12″ in diameter and the outer ring 15″ in diameter. The height of the wreath is approximately 2 3/4″

The wreath is coated in a mossy, crusty material in brown-green. This crusty material will flake off a bit when handling and you will see some debris in the box when it ships.

Closeup of Twig Twist


The “twists” of the Twig Work Wreath are also coated in the same crusty material. These crusty twists will be a little harder on your hands and fingers than the regular Work Wreaths so you might want to wear a thin pair of gloves.



Hope these extra photos will help with the difference between the two products. The Twig Garlands are coated with the same material.

There are also two more new styles of Work Wreaths coming……one is a Glitter Work Wreath and the other is Pencil Twist Work Wreaths. As soon as they arrive I’ll make additional photos of them and post.