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Great new video from the designers at Craig Bachman Imports ….home of Deco Poly Mesh® and the Work Creation products that we all love)))

This video shows you how to take the new Pencil Work Garland and add in several different elements to complete a beautiful holiday garland. Just click on the image to go to the video in youtube.

Most of the items used to make this garland can be found at Trendy Tree – if not the exact ones, you can easily substitute.


Lime Green Pencil Garland $4.25

Moss and Apple Green with Lime Green Metallic Foil Mesh $9.99

RE1042J5 (this one is not available, but we have it in the antique style)

RF106130 Not available, but a good substitute would be a 10″ Lime Green Wide Foil

RW6009 – Not available, but you could substitute another 4″ ribbon like a Velvet Red Lime Green Stripe

RS400676 Red Deco Flex Ribbon – previously called Waffle Ribbon. We don’t have the solid red, but we do have a Red Green Deco Flex Ribbon

RE3007E6 Laser Gold Deco Flex Tubing – we have Gold with Gold Foil in stock

Ball Garland – don’t have a photo of the garland in the video, but we have a similar one:

Ball Ties – don’t have these in stock but they look like such a fun product we may have to get some!

Deco Poly Mesh® Baseball decoration created by the designers at Craig Bachman Imports. This large decoration was made using half of a Work Ball, ten rolls of white Deco Poly Mesh and a red Work Garland.

Click on the here to see a video at youtube.com on how to create the Baseball.

You could create a smaller version of the Baseball by using a White work Wreath and still use the red Work Garland for the trim, or you could use a piece of red Laser Glamour rope for the stitching also.

Thanks to the Craig Bachman Imports designers for more great ideas using Deco Poly Mesh®.