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raz animated musical christmas tree

Whimsical plush Christmas Tree from RAZ. Big googly eyes and skinny legs. When the tree is singing he waves his arms and stretches tall.

Click here to see the animation!

Tree measures about 17″ in height and requires 3 AA batteries. It is not a toy and not intended for children. This whimsical Christmas tree should be arriving with the next few weeks from RAZ. We also have some Santa hats coming in that are musical animations also!

raz animated santa and elf hats

 Click here to see hat animation!

The ever popular RAZ Monkey is back in stock at Trendy Tree! Colors are orange and green and dark pink and green. The arms, legs and tails contain a wire so you can position him, or hang in all sorts of positions.

Supply is limited!

centerpiece made with items from the santa approved collection by raz

This whimsical centerpiece was created by the RAZ designers using products from the “Santa Approved” collection for 2011.

Items and Quantities:

3129339 (02) Elf Boot Container
F2708146 (04) Snowy Cedar Branch
F3100108 (04) Ball Spray
M3100921 (01) Lighted Brown Branch

raz elf boot containers made of paper pulpThe Elf Boot Containers measures about 10″ and are made from a paper pulp. Two styles will be available either a red/green combination or red/white. They will be great table decorations just simply holding candy canes or other Christmas treats. We have some new styles of deco poly mesh that seem to be made just for these containers! mini stripe red green deco poly mesh 10" widthThis new green and red mini stripe is a 10″ width by 10 yds. It is also available in a 21″ width and red and white stripe in the 10″ and 21″.

The Red and Green Ball Sprays are new for 2011 and will be sold in sets of two sprays. One spray has lime green, green and red poms poms; the other has red, lime green and white pom poms. The sprays measure about 30″ in length. The pom pom sprays that were available last year from RAZ were very popular and came in a multicolor style. We’ll have those available again this year too. We raz red lime green pom pom ball spraysold out early last year. Glad they added the red green combinations for 2011. I’m sure they will be just as popular as the multicolor style.

The Lighted Branches shown in the centerpiece actually are brown with red lights. We won’t have any of these on the website, but we do have Brown Branches with clear light or Brown Branch with Green and Red Lights.raz brown lighted branches with red and green lights The lighted branches from RAZ have been very popular all year long. This year they added several new styles and colors of branches along with a battery powered one.

The Red and Green Garland lying on the table under the centerpiece is a RAZ product that we haven’t carried in stock, but we do have another that is very similar. It’s a red and green glittered ball garlandsimple red and green glittered ball garland and really fairly inexpensive.



Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there..

Hanging Christmas stockings over the fireplace has been a holiday tradition for hundreds of years. My Christmas as a child, included hanging stockings on the mantel, but not the kind of Christmas stockings my grandchildren have today)))

We didn’t have ready made or even hand made Christmas stockings, I can’t recall any of our friends having them either. We literally hung the biggest, longest socks we could find. Knee socks worked, but the best choices were to dig around in daddy’s sock drawer for a long wool sock that he wore with his work boots. Whatever sock you chose, you would pull and stretch to make it as large as you could so it would hold more goodies. It was typically hung off a nail driven into the mantel.

Today’s stockings have come a long way. They can be beautifully elegant, simple red felt with white plush fur or whimsical curly toes with all the bells and whistles. Name embroidered on the cuffs so there is no mistaking who the stocking belongs too. Stockings may match the decorating theme of the tree.

So much for hammering a nail into the mantel and hanging a sock on it……try putting a nail in your mantel today…..no, I don’t think so either. I do have some small screws in mine that are strategically placed to hold garland and corner drops, but stockings are usually hung from a stocking holder. So now the stocking holder itself has become a real part of the Christmas decorations.

Stocking holders come in all sorts, shapes and sizes. We have several available from the different RAZ themes this year.

A trio of whimsical stacked packages from the “Gumdrops and Jellybeans Collection.”


rax stocking holder whimsical packages

Gumdrops and Jellybeans

raz stocking holder

Gumdrops and Jellybeans

Tall metal Christmas packages with open tops and peppermint candies spilling out. These stocking holders are also from the Gumdrops and Jellybeans collection. They blend well with items from the “No Peeking” collection also.


gold nutcracker stocking holder raz imports

Winter Palace Collection

These stately gold nutcrackers are from the Winter Palace collection and will stand guard over your stocking treasures.


RAZ Nutcracker Court

The Nutcracker Court is also from the Winter Palace collection. The Winter Palace collection is a large collection of decorations using a combination of gold, silver and white. These stocking holders will come in a set of 4. Supplies will be limited. These stocking holders are made of resin and look like they would be to keep for years to come. There is  Jester figurine and a couple of different styles of tabletop trees that compliment these items.


RAZ Winter Palace Tall Packages

More from Winter Palace, gold silver and white, whimsical tall package style holders decorated in circles, dot and stripes, topped with a contrasting glittered metal bow.

christmas stocking holders

Santa Approved Collection

Generally, I would have described these stocking holders as whimsical  from the “Santa Approved” Collection. But after seeing some of the new styles for this year, I have to say these are a more classic style. Lime green and red with gold. The curly glittered metal bows on top add extra height to the stocking holders. They also come in a taller size, but the chunky box style has been the most popular so it was restocked for this year.


christmas stocking holder

No Peeking Collection

The chunky box style of holders from the “No Peeking” collection have a bit of a paisley look with their swirls, circles and flower design. Lime green, red, pink and white have been the predominant colors in the “No Peeking” collection.


christmas stocking holders

No Peeking Collection

The taller present version – also very whimsical and cheery. “No Peeking” collection.


santa approved christmas stocking holder

Santa Approved

This “Santa Approved” set of stocking holders is a different look for RAZ. No metal and glitter. These are made out of resin  and have bright glossy colors. Unique whimsical toy animals and the peppermint candy cane is the perfect hanger for the “Santa Approved” sign.

Any of these Christmas stocking holders would look great on your mantle. Don’t have a fireplace, no worry. Stocking holders can be placed on the edge of a table, bookcase, bar, window sills. Just look around and use your imagination.

Last year we added a few Christmas stocking from Burton and Burton and they really sold well. This year we’ll be adding more from them a little later on, but we’re very happy to have some from RAZ for this year. They’re not posted on the website yet, I’m still working on it.

Seeing these beautiful Christmas stocking holders…..doesn’t make me pine for the old days and a nail in the mantel!


Great news from RAZ! The very popular striped velvet Elf Hat and Boots are back again this year! In the new 2011 “Santa Approved” category, you’ll find the Elf Hat, Boots, lots of classic red and green items along with sparkling multicolored ornaments and decorations.

raz elf hat

RAZ 21" Elf Hat

raz elf boot

RAZ Pair of Elf Boots

Shop early for your RAZ items! Our sales really start picking up in July and August just as quick as the RAZ items start arriving.

New 2011 category from RAZ “Santa Approved”

Hundreds of whimsical, colorful ornaments and decorations. This category uses classic red and green and multicolor items. New Elves along with the best selling styles of the Santa’s Workshop from last year. Take a look at some of these new things. Let me know what you think about them….I’ll be placing our order soon!

raz santa approved stocking holder

Santa Approved Stocking Holder

raz elf boot container

Santa Approved Elf Boot Container

santa approved train

Santa Approved 36" Train

santa approved elves on presents

Santa Approved 18" Elves on Presents

santa approved 22" christmas stockings

Santa Approved 22" Christmas Stockings

santa approved ball spray

Santa Approved Multicolor Ball Spray