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Good morning! My goodness, this month has flown by! It’s already the 19th and Valentine Day is just around the corner. We have been so busy with Christmas and then visiting the Craig Bachman showroom for 2017 products, Americasmart in Atlanta and Dallas coming up this weekend….we just haven’t had the time to get out a new Valentine wreath tutorial.

Here’s two links to Valentine Wreaths that we did last year. The steps are easy to follow and these wreaths are really easy to make, they just take a lot of time cutting ribbon. But, once you cut your ribbon, it’s a project that you can work on while watching TV. But, if you’re using glittered tulle I wouldn’t recommend that, it makes a huge mess.

The first heart was in shades of pink and red

The second wreath was red with some black and white ribbon. Here’s that link:

Here’s a link to the heart work wreath:

If you’re interested in making a heart without the twist, we have a new plain heart shaped form. You can use this style of form to tie on all your ribbons or tulle. I would recommend using tulle, flex ribbon, or sheer ribbons since they are easier to tie on. These hearts are in bundles of ten forms. The forms have the raised center like work wreaths, just no twists.

We still have a good selection of 6″ Tulle and also Flex Ribbon. I think red/pink/purple would make up pretty…..or chocolate/pink/red. Or red and turquoise! I’ve seen several Valentine wreaths this year that contained turquoise blue and they really popped!

Time to get to work, just waiting for daylight so I can get down to the shop and work on the Valentine Wreath. I’m taking this Santa wreath and converting it to a Valentine wreath….so stay tuned!