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The T Rex just arrived from Merck Family’s Old World Christmas. This is a new ornament for 2012 and just as cute as can be! Information on the hang tag reads: Tyrannosaurus rex, or T. rex, comes from Greek and Latin words meaning “tyrant lizard king.” It was a large, fierce, and carnivorous dinosaur that lived in North America 65 to 85 millions years ago. T. rex could eat up to 500 pounds of meat and bones in one bite!

More views of the T. rex

Another shipment of Old World Christmas ornaments arriving June 1, 2012! Hope this new Ice Cream Carton will be on it. Perfect keepsake for those summertime ice cream parties.

Adorable wreath created by Gina Carter-Small of the Bluegrass Kraft Korner. This wreath is just screaming FLIP FLOP TIME! The wreath is made from a base of Yellow Vertical Line mesh on a Hot Pink Work Wreath frame and accented with the new Flip Flop ribbon that just came in. There is also some Deco Flex tube that give more pop.

The Vertical Line Deco Poly Mesh is available in twelve colors in the 21″ width and makes a stunning wreath. The colors are rich and the mesh is heavily textured. Perfect medium to work with when you want fullness, bulk and color with not so much glitz or foil.

We now also have nine colors of Vertical Line Mesh in the 4″ width.

The new Flip Flop ribbon comes in three colors – pink, yellow and green. Each roll of ribbon has the cutest little flip flops on it decorated in stripes and polka dots. Flip Flop Christmas ornaments are always very popular throughout the year. They make great vacation and beach keepsakes and cute party favors for girls of all ages. The Old World Christmas Flip Flop ornament comes in three colors – pink, yellow and blue.

When I saw what a cute wreath Gina had made using the Flip Flop ribbon…..I happen to think about some RAZ Flip Flop ornaments that we had in stock. These ornaments would make great accent to a colorful spring/summer wreath.

So…..if Flip Flops are one of your favorite Spring/Summer things…..we gotcha covered!

Decorate with Flip Flop ribbon and Flip Flop ornaments…..and hang on to the glass Christmas ornaments for a sweet keepsake.

Thanks to Gina for sharing her wreath with us. You can see more of her creations at Bluegrass Kraft Korner – Facebook Group. Most of Gina’s creations are for sale by the way)))

We’ve updated the website with a new Pinterest “Follow Me” button right at the top of the page! Now you can just click on that and follow the Trendy Tree Boards…..how easy is that)))

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest….you have to check it out. It’s a virtual pinboard where you can “pin” or post images you like. You create your own boards, naming them much like file folders that you would keep photos in. For instance…..you might have one with “Crafts I’d like to make” or ” Great Recipes”

You can browse other people boards……follow them if you like and folks can follow you too. Pinterest is by invitation only, but you if need an invitation just drop me an email and we’ll get one right out to you!

Here’s a board I just created this morning: “Ice Cream Cones” It contains images for making an ice cream cone pinata, ice cream cone wrappers and much more.



St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 th so don your green togs and get ready to celebrate! Creative customers and Facebook friends have been busy working on their St. Patty’s decorations and we have a few to share with you. Please drop by these folks places of business or Facebook pages and say hello….tell them Trendy Tree sent you!

Kathi Layfield

Kathi’s wreath was made using a base emerald green deco mesh on a lime green work wreath. She used lengths of Laser Glamour Rope and created the curls using a wooden spoon. The wreath is accented with three colors of ribbon one of which had shamrocks on it. Shamrock tinsel adds some glitz to the wreath. In the center is a large green tinsel shamrock with a glitter foam shamrock in the center. Three green hats adds to the wreath.

Kathi designs her wreaths for her own pleasure and we thank her for sharing with us!

Laser Glamour Rope is versatile for all sort of decorating. The type Kathi used was the Laser Glamour Rope which is encrusted with large chunks of glitter. It is wired and can be cut, shaped and formed. This is the emerald green color and it’s available in two different sizes.

The dark emerald green Deco Poly Mesh used in Kathi’s wreath is one mesh that even though it contains no foil, it has a deep sheen to it and a very rich color.

Kathi also used a lime green Work Wreath. Work Wreaths are available in lime green, emerald green, evergreen, silver, gold, red metallic, red, yellow, pink, hot pink, lavender, purple, copper, turquoise, royal blue, white, cream orange, and chocolate….wow…..that’s a long list!

We sell the 24″ Work Wreath at Trendy Tree. The 24″ Work Wreath actually measures about 15″ in width, but once the mesh is added, the results are about a 24″ wreath depending on the size, texture and amount of mesh or other material you use to make your wreath. They do come in larger sizes, but due to the expense in shipping the larger wreaths, we only stock the 24″ for now. If we receive a number of requests for 30″ then of course we’ll stock them.

Petals and Plumes - Etsy Shop


This St. Patty’s Day wreath was created by Angie Ethridge for her Petals and Plumes Etsy Shop. You can also see her lovely creations on her Petals and Plumes Facebook Page.

This wreath measures approximately 41x28x9 all dazzled up in shades of emerald green, gold, white and black. Black/white checked patterns were used which are whimsical and blend great with all patterns and colors. This wreath has Angie’s Signature Hat n’ Boots theme, this one being a Leprechaun all equipped with his cute little britches and belt/buckle, large brimmed hat with even a larger buckle and even his little shoes have buckles, all in the black and white checked pattern that is on the sewn ribbons.Almost all of the ornaments are hand embellished hand embellished to compliment the Theme. The wreath was filled with spring/summer greenery, flowers and loads of ornaments and a bit of “Lucky Charm Bling”..

Be sure to visit Angie at her Petals and Plumes Etsy shop and her Petals and Plumes Facebook page…..be sure to tell her Trendy Tree sent you!


Dede Hilbun - Wreaths by Dede Facebook Page

Beautiful wreath in emerald green mesh wreath with yellow ribbon and gold deco tubing with large wooden leprechaun in the center. Made by Dede Hilbun from Vicksburg, Ms. Visit Dede’s Facebook Page Wreaths by Dede to see more of her stunning creations.

Leslee Pesak - Bienvenue Designs Facebook Page

Gorgeous wreath created by Leslee Pesak at Bienvenue Designs. Base of emerald green foil mesh accented with contrasting white ribbon covered with shamrocks. HUGE lime green and emerald green shamrock in the center and some picks for extra glitz. LOVE the wreath hanger too! Visit Leslee’s Facebook Page Bienvenue Designs and browse through her other creations there, lots of pretty things to see.

Cheryl Martin - Cat's Holiday & Home Decor Blog

This lovely wreath was made by Cheryl Martin in a shamrock design she created with a wire form. Deep emerald green mesh with contrasting ribbons and shiny balls – a very unique design by Cheryl. Visit Cheryl’s Blog at Cat’s Holiday & Home Decor. She makes wreaths for her friends and family and is open to accept custom requests.

Farrah Cox - Facebook Page

Farrah’s wreath was made using  shades of green….simple, plain and lots of color!  She has incorporated four colors of green into this wreath – apple green; apple and moss; lime green; and emerald green! You can visit Farrah at her Facebook page and see more of her creations.

Need a Shamrock or two? We have two different styles of Shamrock Christmas ornaments from Old World Christmas and also a Mug of Beer with Shamrocks on the side.

Thanks to all for sharing these photos! Please visit the contributors shops and pages and let them know that Trendy Tree sent you)))

This Christmas season has really been a busy time for us as you would expect. But a few days after Christmas, I finally got to put my feet up, sit down with a Diet Coke and browse through my December issue of Southern Living magazine.

This beautiful peppermint wreath caught my attention and when I looked closer…..the name was very familiar! It was one of our own customers Anne Harris! The wreath was from her Etsy store Wreaths and Things. WTG Ann!

Ball wreaths are just one of her specialities ……and she has wreaths galore for your favorite team – LSU Tigers – Pittsburgh Steelers -Green Bay Packers – UT and many more. Drop by her store and see her handiwork…..very creative.

Anne uses a mix of different colors and textures of balls in her wreaths and if you look closely sometimes you’ll see an Old World Christmas ornament or in the Peppermint Ball Wreath above, some Santa Klaus & Company Peppermint Candy ornaments. What a nice way to make the wreath even more special.

Thank you Anne (dottiegray is her Etsy user name and her store is Wreaths & Things). Drop by and say hello……be sure to tell her Trendy Tree sent you.

The new 2012 ornaments from Old World Christmas are now available for viewing on their website! Just click on the image to visit the Merck Family’s Old World Christmas and browse the entire collection. See all the new ornaments that will be available in 2012.