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2013 Aspen Sweater Collection

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The RAZ 2012 Candy Wonderland Collection is chocked full of whimsical sweet treats, frosty gingerbread creations, lots of pink and multicolored decorations. Here’s a few extra photos to get your creative juices flowing)) We’ll start with the Candy Wonderland tree. To see all the items we will be stocking from the Candy Wonderland Collection, just click on the link.

2012 RAZ Candy Wonderland

3106561 (06) Candy House
3106567 (06) Candy Snowflake Ornament
3120005 (06) Gingerbread Ornament
3220013 (04) Gingerbread Ornament
3220014 (04) Gingerbread Ornament
3220016 (06) Glittered Tree and Stocking Ornament
3220017 (08) Gingerbread Ornament
3253468 (12) Ice Cream Cone Ornament
F3116187 (12) Gumdrop Spray
F3206770 (12) Glittered Curly Ball Spray
F3206772 (12) Striped Poinsettia
F3206773 (08) Glittered Spray
F3217585 (06) Glittered Curly Spray
F3250606 (12) Candy Spray
G3214492 (04) Lighted Gumdrop Garland
M3200254 (01) 7.5’ Pre-lit Flocked Slim Tree
R3204200 (03) Striped Wired Ribbon

3256439 Pink Glittered Ball

This arrangement uses one of the 15″ Candy Wonderland Elves in the center of the design. The white vase makes a nice container, but you could use one of almost any color.

Three of the 19″ Large Lollipops were used. These lollipops are very lightweight and come in pastel colors.

The Gumdrop spray is a new item this year and previously the Gumdrop sprays came in two styles, one had round gumdrops and the other had cone shaped. This year the spray includes a combination of both shapes of gumdrops on the one spray. They are very realistic looking. The Gumdrop Sprays are already in stock.

There is another candy spray and cedar branch that was used, but we are not carrying those items this year. A good substitute would be any sort of frosted greenery branch or flocked branch. This Multicolor Ball Spray on White Pine would be a good substitute for the candy spray.

This arrangement uses large Pink Glittered Balls, poinsettia sprays, multicolor ball sprays and greenery. The Gingerbread Boy and Girl are 10″ ornaments that are about 1″ thick. They ornaments meant for hanging, but may stand when positioned against something. 6″ Gingerbread Kids are shown hanging above the arrangement.

The Pink Glittered Balls are heavily glittered and sequined and make nice bold splashes of color.

There are some multicolor curly sprays in the arrangement that we don’t have, but we have something similar that would yield the same effect. These curly sprays are in stock now.

The multicolor ball spray could be substituted with the Multicolor Ball and White Pine Spray shown above. This spray is in stock now.


This photos was chosen to show you ways of using the Candy Wonderland 11″ posable Elves. Their bodies will bend and their legs and arms include wire so that you can fashion them into all sorts of positions. The Elves are made of polyester and resin with their faces and hands being resin.

The flickering tapers shown in this arrangement are sold in set of four tapers. They are red, green, white and decorated with polka dots and stripes and can be found in the Cookie Confections Collection. They are battery operated with an on/off button on the bottom.

So many items from the Cookie Confections, Candy Wonderland and Count Down to Christmas are interchangeable. So be sure to browse through all the categories.

The ribbon is Pink Candy Striped Ribbon from RAZ. It’s 4″ in width, has a wire edge so you can twist it, swirl it and wind it through your creations. It comes 10 yards to a roll and is pink, lime green, white and a touch of blue.

The pair of Gingerbread Trees on the table measure 10″ and 12″ and are in stock now.

 The Candy Wonderland mantel is one that the young at heart will love! The new Frosted Gumdrop Garland is battery powered, has a string of five lights.

Just plain green garland makes the base for this arrangement, frosted, ice or plain would work fine. The multicolor sprays have a bit white pine to add to the icy effect. Assorted Gingerbread Boys and Girl are tucked in around the garland and suspended from the mantel.

Someone asked me the other day if we were going to have the RAZ elves again this year….well…..how about 29 different styles!

All sorts of elves……large and small, tall and skinny…..even some “old” or aged looking elves. Here are a few examples.

A trio of elves from the Cookie Confection collection. These are 19″ sitting elves and will be sold in a group of three.

These are new styles for 2012 that resemble the very popular Gumdrop and Jellybeans collection from last year. The elves from that collection now are grouped into the 2012 Candy Wonderland with the addition of this new size of elf at 11″. These elves are classified as ornaments and will be sold in sets of two. The previous elves in the 15″ and 29″ will be available again this year.

These elves are also new this year and from the Candy Wonderland collection. I like to call them the granddaddy elves! They measure 21.5″ and will be sold individually.

Classic red and green elves from the new Sentimental Season collection. These elves are 36″ and some smaller sizes will also be available. Classic colors or red, green and lime green.

I love these elves! Very different, nice colors…..from the Champagne and Sparkles collection. And they have such sweet faces!

Woodland elves in their browns and greens, from the Forest Frost collection. Several styles of animal figures will be available from this collection also.

Red, gold and white elves from the Poinsettia Damask collection. Available in assorted sizes and styles.

Elves can be positioned on your Christmas tree, sitting on tables or mantels. Most of the have wired legs and arm so you can shape them. You’ll see them hanging upside down from banisters or light fixtures, peeping out from tree branches….very versatile.

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