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Carrie and I just returned from a 3 day visit to the Craig Bachman Imports showroom just outside Chicago. We had a great trip, weather was very warm as compared to the snow the last time! The folks there are so gracious and friendly, our visit was fun and productive.

The showroom is astounding! So many new items and their displays are amazing. We ordered hundreds of new things that will take a while to add to the website so I thought I would just go ahead and blog about them to give you a sneak peak.

This is a Square Twig Wreath form with burlap mesh, grapevine garland and moss roping. Some butterflies are clipped on. I don’t have a photo of it, but they had used a similar square wreath as a frame for a photograph. That wreath had less embellishments on it, but sure sounded like a cool idea. 

The Square Twig Wreath forms are in stock in the brown/green and the green/brown will be arriving soon.

The designers had also worked in some fresh flowers into the wreath….great for a special function or event.

In the entrance way, there were long streams of Cotton Windowpane mesh in spring colors. But the neat thing about it was the sheer polka dot material behind the Windowpane mesh. It really gave it a nice look, sort of like raindrops. I just wanted to post this photo because you could apply that technique using Windowpane mesh in a wreath.


Here’s the giant Snowman you’ve seen photos and videos of too. To give you an idea of the size, the metal thing to the left of it is one of those outside gazebo frames. And also, the cone shaped nose of the snowman was a rolled up piece of mesh…think I missed that on the video.

This photo doesn’t have anything to do with Craig Bachman Imports, but it is our grandson, AJ, playing in his first golf tournament at the Pontotoc Country Club while we were shopping for Trendy Tree. He won his division! We missed it….but we’ll catch the next one for sure))

Here’s the product I think you’ve been waiting for! Deco Poly Burlap! This one looks like burlap, but made of poly, so it has the same features as the Deco Poly Mesh.

This Poly Burlap will be available at Trendy Tree within the next few days in the 21″ 10″ 4″ and 2.5″ widths. The 21″ will be a 10 yard length also.  Colors include Natural Brown, Black, Brown, Watermelon, Persimmon and Tan.

Natural Poly Burlap

Persimmon Poly Burlap

Watermelon Poly Burlap

Some of the styles will arrive in the next few days and the others should be here in August.

I have more photos of the new Poly Burlap…..but they are on Carrie’s Ipad….so I’ll add them later.

We were able to get a few new things for Halloween and one of my favorites is this collection of glittered metal hanging signs….and they’re pretty big!




Deco Flex Tubing – we already carry 35 colors….including the new Antique colors…….so I really wasn’t expecting much in the way of any new in Flex Tubing…..wrong……… we’ll be adding 19 NEW styles.

New solid colors include Antique Lime and Antique Fuchsia. Patterns will be Black/Silver Stripe; Purple/Orange/Black; Black/Gold Stripe; Purple/Yellow Stripe; Antique Red/Lime; White/Royal Blue; Red/White; Red/Black; Antique Red/Gold; Red/Emerald Green. Colors that will be shipping later in a few weeks include Red/Lime Green/White; Black/Orange; Navy Blue/Orange Stripe; Orange/White Stripe.

Also, if the Orchid with Purple was one of your favorites….it is being retired, so all we will have available is what we have in stock now.

New styles of Work Wreaths included Ovals, Mail Box Covers and a “Ribbon” which was just a strip of ladder style work product.

I still have more to share….but will add it later))) Have to call it a day!

Another beautiful creation by the designers at Craig Bachman Imports – home of Deco Poly Mesh® This colorful flower was created using a Work Wreath and Work Garland. Looks like the mesh in the flower is a Wide Foil Mesh which is practically solid foil and just sparkles with rich color.

The flower portion of the creation was made using an orange Work Wreath and stem made from green Work Garland. There is a video you can view to see how to create this pretty flower.

One thing I learned in the video was to work through the entire length of garland, then cut it into the pieces you need. If I hadn’t watched the video, I would have probably cut up the garland and made short pieces. I believe their way would be easier.

You could change up the color combination of course and make it all sorts of colors…..add other embellishments like maybe lady bugs, butterflies, bumble bees….

Click Image to See Video on youtube

Thanks to CBI for sharing this great ideas!

Huge Easter Bunny! Created by the talented folks at Craig Bachman Imports (home of Deco Poly Mesh®).

This bunny is really large and created from 1/2 of a Work Ball – 10 rolls of white Deco Poly Mesh were used so you can get an idea of the  size of this baby.

Big bunny!

There is a video you can watch to see how it was all put together. Click on the image below.

We don’t sell the Work Balls at Trendy Tree due to the size and the shipping cost, but we do have other Work products include the garlands and wreaths. Candy Canes Work forms will be arriving soon also.

Click Image to See Video on youtube

You could modify this Bunny creation by making the body out of a white Work Wreath form and a smaller metal ring for the head, still use pieces of Work Garland to create the ears. They show you how to create the ears in the video. Bits of Glitzy Sticks were used for eyes and Glamour Rope for whiskers and mouth. A bit of burlap was used for the nose.

Happy Easter!

This post is a little bit late for Valentine, but you will want to view this Blog and video at Prettify Your Life in preparation for next Valentine’s Day, or you might want to use the ideas for other types of celebrations. Angela, the creative lady behind Prettify Your Life, has decorated her doorway with a garland embellished with big hand cut Valentines.

Angela has more photos on Prettify Your Life along with a video showing you step by step how to create this look using Work Garland, Deco Poly Mesh, contrasting ribbons, Laser Glamour Rope and hand cut valentines in pink and chocolate brown from craft foam.

This next photo is a close up. Notice the Chocolate Brown Laser Glamour Rope. I’m asked frequently about uses for the Glamour Rope and this is an excellent example. Notice how she just wound the Glamour Rope through the garland. It adds a nice contrast to the pink mesh and gives an extra dimension of texture.


Be sure to drop by Angela’s Prettify Your Life Blog and plan on staying a while…..tons of craft ideas, great video and much to enjoy! You also might want to join the Prettify Your Life Facebook Group. Just visit the group on Facebook and click on the link at the top of the page and ask for an invitation. There are many creative crafters there and they love sharing))

Thanks to Angela and her Prettify Your Life Blog for sharing this great Valentine decorating project.

New Work Wreaths! This is the new Pencil Twist Work Wreath. The twists are made of tinsel just about the width of a pencil. The wreaths are the same color as the tinsel and available in all the standard colors of the previous Work Wreath. The old Work Wreaths are still available so. They should be arriving in May.

Some of the Pencil Twist wreaths have about 1″ ball secured to the tip of the tinsel. These colors include red with red balls, red with green balls, green with green balls, green with red balls, silver with silver balls and gold with gold balls. We’ll be stocking all these colors also.

The same styles will be available in garland also. These will all be stocked with and without the balls – all arriving in June – all the colors available were ordered.

This is a wreath made with the new Pencil Twist Work Wreath. The gold loops below and above where the mesh was secured is a new Pencil Garland that matches the Pencil Work Wreath and also comes in a Pencil Spray.

Another new style of Work Wreath is the Glitter Twig Work Wreath – also available as a Work Garland. Colors include Lime, Red, Silver and Gold in both the wreaths and garlands – arriving in June.

And the last was the brown/green and green/brown Twig Wreath and Garland. These Work products are a mossy green and brown color which should be great for spring and summer or for fresh greenery year round. Wreaths, garlands and a square wreaths were ordered in this style – also arriving in June.

I can’t wait for the new products to get here! I know you’ll be as excited about them as we are.

Julie at Southern Charm Wreaths is now creating stunning garlands for her customers. These are all custom made by Julie herself. The garland featured here is just one of her stunning creative decorations. Browse through the photos for a closer look.

In addition to creating beautiful wreaths and garlands, Julie has written an eBook that shows you how to do this too! The eBook is a download that you can purchase. It is well written, very easy to follow, has tons of photos and all sorts of tips and hints. She even has video and bonus section. So if you’re interested in learning how to make designs like Julie’s check out her eBook. It will be money well spent…..I have one)))

learn how to make wreath using deco poly mesh

Our friend Angela Davis at Prettify Your Life Blog, and Prettify Your Life Facebook Group has created another great video demonstrating how to decorate your kitchen island for Halloween. She uses a work garland attached to the hanging pot rack and goes from there. Really great video Angela….thanks for sharing


Just click on the image to see the video at You Tube.

Be sure to drop by the Prettify Your Life Blog for more great crafting and decoration ideas. Angela is a whiz at creating the most unique things! Join the Facebook group too…..it’s growing every day and there is a wealth of crafting and decorating ideas shared there.