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Black Owls and Branches Door Decor


While browsing on Pinterest this morning I ran across this Halloween door decor by Martha Stewart. Thought it looked quite stunning up against a white entryway for sure. The instructions for the cutting out the owls using a template and black card stock or poster board can be found on the site and the branches are simply spray painted black.

Then I thought about the RAZ 13″ Black Feathered Owls we have in stock and thought they would really make a nice door hanging or centerpiece using the same technique with spray painting some branches.

It’s not very visible in the photo, but the owls have a touch of purple glitter around the eyes. And we have smaller ones too!

These Black Feathered Owls are about 7″ and are sold in sets of two. They will stand alone on their little brown feet.

Here’s another who is 6″ and maybe a little more fuzzier. He is sold individually…..and one of my favorites))

And these adorable little Black Fuzzy Owls on a stick. They measure about 4″ and are on an 8″ stick. Perfect for just tucking into arrangements, wreaths or centerpieces. They are sold in sets of three because it just isn’t economical to ship just one.

So, there you have the Trendy Tree Black Owls……..a whole group of them, otherwise called a Parliament!



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