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Baby Boomer Blogger

Jeannie’s Personal Blog)))

I’m a country girl at heart, lived in Mississippi all my life. Graduated from Ole Miss and loved my work as a Nurse Practitioner. Started a website venture a few years ago, Trendy Tree, which is now owned and operated by Carrie and David (our daughter and son in law).

Now I’m navigating my way through retirement, trying to find that happy medium between having purpose and being productive but yet enjoying a well deserved rest. Thought I would start this new blog and share my journey, hoping to engage and hear from others with similar experiences. Please visit my Blog!

Baby Boomer Blogger

  • Judy Burdge

    Dear Jeannie…hoping to retire soon from our family business. Started making wreaths looking for new ideas for grave saddles. Last year i succumbed to your website and now have an upper level with projects! My husbands Mom is retired nurse with 3 daughters who are nurses. I wish i had a second pair of hands for cutting. So many adorable ideas and not enough doors. This year i am trying to sell now that family has theirs. Decisions decisions. Carrie and your videos are so helpful. Thank you! I also enjoyed your stories about your growing up around the farm atmosphere. I have those same memories from my grandma. She was amazing. Simple times and how I wish i could go back! Back to my finishing my 6 scarecrows as my box came today with the Mummy wreath. Happy Fall coming up! Judy Burdge.

    • JeanniePence

      Thank you Judy, wreath making is addictive)))

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