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Autumn Centerpieces


It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to decorate your table for those fall family gatherings and parties. I love the use of natural elements that are first off …FREE….and things you can talk a walk in the woods and pick up.

Containers made of clear glass always work well for showing off your fall finds. You just can’t have too many clear glass containers! Great for food, decoration, candles….the more assorted the sizes and shapes the better!

We’re having a backyard bash coming up in a few weeks so I did some browsing today on Pinterest (if you need an invitation, please message me….I’ll be happy to send you one!) Pinterest is the best thing since sliced bread! Here are some of my finds)))

This photo is from Good Housekeeping as a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Clear glass of course. Containers are filled with mixed nuts and assorted white candles. Looks like a bit of twig and greenery on the table also. So simple and looks so great….

This mixed leaf vase arrangement comes from the Oh How Posh Blog. Some of the supplies used in the creation came from Pottery Barn according to the author. But I was thinking you could create the same look with finds from the woods. Course, it wouldn’t last as long as the one above, but if you’re decorating on a shoestring, you could put in some pieces of twig taken from an old wreath or garland, some real acorns or nuts and add some leaves just before your guest arrive. I’ve never done it, but I think I read somewhere that you could strip the leaves from Honeysuckle vine to make twig garland or wreaths out of. I need to explore that…..Honeysuckle is everywhere!

Be sure to visit Oh How Posh ….so many decorating ideas there. You’ll love it!

I love this Indian Corn centerpiece by Eddie Ross. Simply stunning. The complete tutorial is there and it looks so simple to create. Makes me wonder…..why can’t I ever think of anything like this! Clear container, white candle, Indian Corn and jute twine. This arrangement is perfect inside or out. Indian corn is always hard to find in our area….don’t really know why. There is plenty of yellow corn…..but I’ll have to keep my eye for a couple of bundles. I’m definitely going to try this one.

This collection of Hurricanes is from myblessedlife and includes a great tutorial on how to make your own Hurricanes! Love the way some are filled with candles and others just natural elements. This blog is well worth reading if you looking for an inexpensive way to create some beautiful Hurricanes out of inexpensive candlesticks, vases and Gorilla Glue. I have found that anything with the name “Gorilla” on it… good!

This arrangement was found at in a collection of fall coffee table centerpieces. I like the way the split peas were used or maybe this is lentils? Looks like a silk leaf tied around the candle. We used to have some RAZ single silk leaves that were very popular but they stopped carrying them and we haven’t found any similar since. But, you could just cut some leaves off a fall garland that very easy to find, even at Wal-Mart. You could fill the containers with other kinds of colorful beans… beans….red kidney beans…maybe even some popcorn.

Well, looks like I’ll have no excuse not to have some on these arrangements on my tables for our backyard party! Better start looking for more glass containers and take a trip through the woods on the 4-wheeler for some “stuff” a little closer to date)))

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