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Arkon Camera Mount – Unboxing, Setup & Review


Have you been struggling with your Facebook lives or YouTube streaming trying to get your Iphone in the right place…..or needing to see your comments and can’t. Have you stacked books….propped up your phone…..used a tripod that you can’t get close enough to your desk for close-ups? Need to shoot an overhead shot of your work area? These problems are solved with the Arkon mount!

Arkon as a great camera mounting system that can hold your smart phone, and Ipad at the same time! It can also be adapted to hold a Mevo or video camera. And it was easy to set up! Here’s a video of our Arkon Remarkable Creators Phone and Tablet Stand with Ring Light Bundle

Model Number RCBTABLED

I’ll show you how it looked right out of the box. And you know if a ummmm “grandmother” can do it, you can too! It would have gone much quicker had my ten year old grandson been here))))


Take-a-Way and FAQ:

Where did we get it? Carrie and I attended Wreath Makers Live back a few weeks ago and Arkon was there as a vendor. We ordered ours right on the spot at the event and had it shipped, but you can order from their website: Arkon Remarkable Creators Phone and Tablet Stand with Ring Light Bundle

Model Number RCBTABLED

How much? Website price for the setup that we purchased was $139.95 (but we had a coupon for a 20% discount)

Where do I get a coupon? You can get a coupon right here! Just use the code “trendy” and you will receive 20% off your product or any product purchased from arkon.com Just enter the code on your checkout page. Yes, this is an affiliate type code, so we would receive a small commission paid by Arkon, not by the buyer)))

Was it hard to put together: No, it was simple. Just read the directions and go step by step. Grab a kid, they can do it)))

Does the camera light really help? Yes it does. It has three settings, but so far, we’ve only used the brightest. Just plug it in to a USB port to charge.

What size tablet will it hold? It has different size tabs that allow you to choose what best fits your tablet. My Ipad is a pro, so I started out tying the largest tabs, but turned out they were too long, so I used the medium size. There are several tabs in the package so you can find your best fit.

Pros: Great tool for doing live video, or just video of any kind. Flexibility in camera position. Easy to store or pack for trips. Love love love the Ipad holder! You can read comments easily while you’re doing a live. Desktop set up is great. Multiple parts that can be removed to achieve the desired position.

Cons: The screws holding the adjustable pieces together fall out if you unscrew too far. Seems like a tiny bit longer screw would prevent this. But once you know that you are getting close to unscrewing too far, you learn to keep your other hand on the opposite side of the screw for support. Not really much of a problem really, but the washer could fall on the floor and be hard to find.

The only other con to me would be the little rubber grommets used to keep the tabs in place. I can’t get those to stay in and when they pop out, I just leave them out. If you don’t position to tab holders to close to the ends, the tabs aren’t going to slip off anyway. The grommets seemed to be more trouble than they were worth unless I’m missing something.

Tips: Make SURE you have the main pole positioned all the way down in the base. Otherwise when you attach a heavier camera than your phone, the mount can get top heavy and tip over. Measure the depth of the holder and mark on the pole how far it needs to go in. Make sure you get the pole down to your mark. It’s pretty snug, my husband had to put it down in their for me, my first attempt wasn’t in there far enough.

Set the camera position directly over your work area for close up shots of your work.


Using equipment that is easy to set up and maintain will make doing your live streaming much easier and reduce the hassle.