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A Fragrance You Will Love!


body butter, creams, body soaps


Vacation: Last year we went on vacation to Charleston, South Carolina with some dear friends. We had a great time! One of our days was spent walking around Charleston and soaking up the local treasures. The Charleston City Market was one of these treasures. There were many vendors, many hand made items, great food and it was just fun!

Vendors: One vendor we visited was the Old Whaling Co. They had a huge selection of bath and body products all handcrafted and sea inspired. Old Whaling Co. had soaps, creams, perfumes, scrubs, bath bombs…you name it, there was an ample assortment to choose from. We browsed and sniffed and tried out several different products. 

old whaling co, old whaling company, body creams

Old Whaling Co


Products: Body butters were creamy and non-greasy.  Prices were not bad! The jars of body butter were 8 oz and the butters were white and fluffy. You know how it is when you find something you like and you just know you are paying probably as much for the jar as the product itself.

Well, these jars are attractive enough, but simple and plain. They look fine sitting on your vanity but the best part is the smell and the feeling they produce. The scents are not overpowering. With again, one becomes so sensitive to smells, especially those that are over done.

It was difficult to decide which ones to go with! So….several found there way home in my shopping bag))) I can’t remember exactly how they were priced…but the more you bought the better price you got. Suddenly I knew who could use body butter for a little Christmas gift))

Favorite: My favorite scent turned out to be Seaweed & Sea Salt. I bought an 8oz jar of body butter for myself and wound up giving the other 4-5 jars away as gifts. I sent one to my sister….and she said…..looked like someone had used it…lol. Well, okay, I did try it out to see how I liked it)))) But I stuck with my Seaweed & Sea Salt fragrance)))

seaweed body butter, sea salt body butter,

The Seaweed & Sea Salt Body Butter has a very fresh, subtle, clean smell. It’s refreshing each time you use it. It’s a combination of sunflower oil, aloe and shea butter.

It’s described by Old Whaling Co. as: Rich and creamy moisturizing body butter. One of our bestselling products! Handmade fresh to order with shea butter, sunflower oil and aloe blend. – Seaweed + Sea Salt is a beachy fragrance complete with warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine and mandarin.

Before we left with our haul of body products, we asked if the vendor sold online. Yes! They sell on Etsy. If you’re not familiar with Etsy, it’s as platform were vendors sell hand crafted products. Etsy has been around for years but has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Many of our own customers sell their hand crafted wreaths and centerpieces on Etsy. Shop around there, you will find all kinds of interesting things! I’ve always found shopping on Etsy to be simple and safe.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before I was ready to place my first order to Old Whaling Co on Etsy. This time I ordered some of the smaller travel size body butters to have on hand for little “happy” gifts as needed. I gave some away and kept the rest))) Right now I’m using up my last travel size jar of Seaweed & Sea Salt Body Butter, waiting for my next order to arrive))

This time, I also ordered some Seaweed & Sea Salt Soap and roll on perfume. The Old Whaling Co. has handled my orders promptly and courteously. You receive emails that your order has been received and another when the order has shipped. What more could you ask!

handcrafted soap, handmade soap, seaweed, sea salt soap, seaweed soap

Can’t wait for the new products to arrive! I’ll let you know what I think about the soap and the perfume. Did I say….I got free shipping too!

You know how that is…..you put items in your shopping cart…and you just need this much more to get free shipping…..so you add something else…. Okay, they got me….I did, added the perfume.

seaweed, sea salt, perfume

But what can I say…..we do that too! To offer free shipping, an order has to be sufficient enough that the seller can cover the shipping and still make a profit. It’s the American way.


*7/30/19 Update: My box of goodies arrived! Included a handwritten note and two samples of a soap fragrance I haven’t tried. Love this company!

*This post contains affiliate links. What that means is, if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. Did Old Whaling Co ask me to write this? No. They don’t even know about it. I just like the product and the company)))