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About Trendy Tree

Trendy Tree started out as our website for Pence Christmas Tree Farm. We have slowly continued to grow our website business with the addition of new products and more stock. We've now grown to the point that we are so busy in the shop, that we won't be planting any more Christmas trees. This hasn't been an easy decision to make, but it fits our overall plan of having a small family business, close to home.

We needed more space for product so we have moved our business to town! Previously we had worked out of a shop adjacent to our home but we've now relocated into a much larger warehouse in industrial park in Pontotoc, MS.

Trendy Tree, LLC

298 Stafford Blvd.

Pontotoc, MS  38863

(662) 489-0040

We prefer that you contact us via email rather than phone please. We can respond to your request more quickly and efficiently if by email or website contact (use link at the top of the page).

We're still a small family business but we have added two employees, Carrie and David Martin. So even though we've outgrown our old shop and moved into our new space, you'll still be treated with small business style Southern hospitality)))

At Trendy Tree we have a huge inventory of Deco Poly Mesh, ribbons and wreath making supplies, collectible blown glass Christmas ornaments from Merck Family's Old World Christmas, Inge-Glas of Germany, Varsovia of Poland, Christopher Radko along with spectacular trendy and whimsical Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Party decorations RAZ Imports and other suppliers. We recently added a collegiate category along with all sorts of signs that are great for your decorating projects.

We have tons of wreath making supplies with hundreds of styles of Deco Poly Mesh® and poly mesh netting in wide rolls up to 21", 2.5", 4" 6" and 10". We have a wide variety of colors and patterns. You will find natural burlap, paper and jute mesh along with a large assortment of beautiful wire edge ribbon. We provide many styles of Work Creations Producs - Work Wreaths, Pencil Wreath, Twig and Glitter Twig Wreaths, Garlands, Work Balls, Work Ribbons, Candy Cane and Cross forms and more.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you updated on special events and opportunities for savings. We will never share, sell or otherwise distribute any information obtained during the course of your visit to Trendy Tree. We value our customers and their privacy.

Thank you for visiting Trendy Tree and we hope you're return again soon!

Jeannie & Terry Pence

Carrie & David Martin



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